Check out the size of the Pike caught this weekend!

(Moorcroft, Wyo.) Keyhole State Park said Friday that "The writing's on the wall when the Canada geese start arriving," but that didn't stop people from ice fishing this weekend. A 43-inch pike was caught Sunday afternoon, and they posted photos of it to Twitter and Facebook: Weather conditions this month have made ice fishing complicated on the reservoir. Temperatures have barely dropping below freezing at night. According to the park's Facebook page: "By day's end the frozen lake surface doesn't look so frozen and at certain vantage points looks like its all open water. Ice conditions have no consistency around the lake. The water on top of the ice also makes for extra slippery conditions. In some places fisherman are drilling nearly to the motor of their auger and in others it takes no time at all to hand auger through." The park was unsure whether or not the fisherman kept that fish or tossed it back. Large-size pike are usually female, and when released, they have a greater opportunity to spread their genes for bigger fish. #county17 #news *Photos provided by Keyhole State Park // Pitchengine Communities*