Dispatch: Man detained for wandering around in his pajamas; DUIs; Stolen gun

Here's what happened around Campbell County this weekend. All calls took place between 6 a.m February 20th and 6 a.m. February 22nd. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Robert Carr, 23, Gillette*, was stopped Sunday night near Loaf and Jug for speeding. His car was seen twice in the area of Sweetheart Bakery, which had a burglary last week. He had a Campbell County warrant for probation violation and three citations from an unrelated incident that were served to him. He admitted to having drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. A search revealed two spoons with suspected heroin residue and several syringes. There was not enough of the substance to test for confirmation. He was arrested for his warrant. *Misty Clough, 34, Gillette*, was arrested for bond revocation and a bench warrant. *Clint Copenhaver, 26, Gillette*, was arrested leaving the Center Bar Saturday night. He had tried to start a fight at the bar and was trespassed from it. When police stopped him, he was found to be driving with a suspended license. He failed his sobriety test and was arrested for a DUI. His blood alcohol level was .09. *Shawndell Cortez, 41, Gillette*, was stopped Sunday night for failing to stop at a stop sign. She allegedly smelled of alcohol and then failed her field sobriety test. She was arrested for DUI, driving with a suspended license, and not having proof of car insurance. *Travis Deguzis, 29, Gillette*, was arrested Friday night for breach of peace, public intoxication, and refusing to leave a business. *Michael McKannan, 45, Gillette*, was arrested on several bench warrants Saturday night. *Tara Siglin, 32, Gillette*, was arrested Sunday night at the Budget Inn for a contempt of court warrant. *Drugs Found* Saturday night on Granite street a 28 year old man discovered a zippered bag in his garage containing marijuana. He found the bag while he was unpacking from a recent move. Police are investigating. *Animal Bites* Sunday morning a 43 year old man was at Campbell County hospital because he'd been bitten by a dog on Friday night. The man had his pitbull with him while visiting his cousin. His dog started a fight with his cousin's German Sherpard. When the man tried to break up the dog fight, the German Shepard bit him on the hand. He cleaned up the bite but the next morning his wrist still hurt so he was at the ER. Sunday afternoon a 19 year old woman was at her home on Frontier Drive when her black lab attempted to jump a fence. The dog's rear leg got caught and broke. When she tried to help him out, he bit her hand. The dog was taken to Animal Medical for treatment and is being quarantined. The woman was at Campbell County hospital seeing treatment. *Found Property* Someone turned in a small black nylon bag that they found in the Wal-Mart parking lot that belonged to a woman in Colorado Springs. *Suspicious Activity *At 11 am on Country Club Road, officers found a 34 year old woman that reported she saw a white car drive by her children who were playing outside, and he honked his horn at her kids. She identified the driver as a 55 year old man that she had had previous incidents with. He is the reason she moved to a new residence. The apartment manager at her new home allowed a trespass notice to be issued to the man. 1 a.m. Monday morning, an 85 year old woman reported hearing a loud bang on her kitchen door that sounded like someone trying to break in. Police responded quickly with K9 units but no suspects were found. *Mental Illness* Officers made contact with a man wearing only pajama pants and socks wandering around 4J and Lakeway. He suffers from a brain injury and his parents have guardianship over him. His cousin tried to help get him home. He began making statements about his "kills" in a video game he plays, and started to assault his cousin. Officers stepped in and took him to Campbell County hospital, where he was involuntarily admitted under Title 25. *Harassment *A 77 year old man reported that two unknown men were harassing him at the Open Door Church on Sunday afternoon. He had stopped in to get some canned goods, when two men confronted him and told him he was bothering the women that worked there. He said the men didn't touch him or threaten him but officers went to the church to check it out anyway, and found it closed. A 13 year old girl reported Sunday night that she was getting multiple mean Snapchats from an unknown person. It is still under investigation, and the number was blocked. *Burglary* Some time over the last week a known person pried open the door to Simply Brewed and stole $73.25 from the till. It is being investigated. At 12:30 am Monday morning, a 29 year old woman reported to police that someone had entered her home and taken a .40 Smith and Wesson pistol, valued at $590. Detectives are investigating. *K9 Search* Sunday night, a 40 year old woman was parked at Kum and Go and said she was using the free WiFi in the parking lot. Dogs were alerted to her car, and a straw containing suspected meth was found during a search. Not enough substance was found to confirm it was meth, so the case has been forwarded to adult probation. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Berry Gibson, 33, Gillette*, arrived at detention Saturday as a sentenced prisoner. *Jared Mysierowicz, 30, Casper*, was arrested in Natrona County Saturday night for an arson warrant. *Natasha Partridge, 36, Gillette*, arrived at detention Friday night as a sentenced prisoner. *Michael Sather, 26, Gillette*, arrested for bond revocation. *Theft* Friday night, it was discovered that two antique adding machines and a phonograph, totaling $1000 in value, had been taken from a storage unit at Ward County Storage some time between December 15th and that day. Sunday night, it was discovered that a 220 Lincoln Welder and several other tools were missing from a rental unit on M M Circle, east of Gillette. The owner suspects that previous tenants may have taken the items, valued at around $800. *Shots Fired* Sunday morning deputies followed up on a report of shots being fired near a roadway. They found no damage in the area and no suspects. *Drugs Found* 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, deputies stopped a 20 year old male. He admitted to smoking pot and was cited for use and possession. *Threats* Sunday night, a 35 year old woman in Antelope Valley reported to her probation officer that her husband had threatened to kill her if he went back to jail. *Wyoming Highway Patrol* Patrick Eversole, 23, Billings MT, was stopped on Interstate 90 Sunday at around noon for failing to maintain his lane. He was arrested for DUI, multiple instances of driving without a license, and a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. Chase Kapor, 27, Billings MT, was arrested at the same time for three different charges of possession of a controlled substance. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and CCSO Captain Eric Seeman.* #county17 #news