Dispatch: Theft from White's Energy Dodge, Big Horn Tire; 16 year old stopped for DUI

This is Monday's law enforcement recap from around the county. All calls took place between January 22nd and early January 23rd. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Stephen Kauffman, 24. Gillette*, was spotted by an off duty police officer around 8 p.m. exiting the Beverage Broker. The officer allegedly saw Kauffman wearing something covering his face, and followed him while alerting GPD, who pulled Kauffman over. Kauffman said he was wearing the bandana over his face to combat an illness. He had a failure to appear warrant on an extradition hearing for a Kansas warrant. He was arrested. *Stanley Watt, 42. Gillette*, arrested for breach of peace and assault. *Urinating in Public* A 49 year old man near Bicentennial Park was allegedly spotted peeing next to his truck on Monday morning, and was cited when he admitted to it to officers. *Criminal Trespassing* Monday morning a 68 year old man reported a 23 year old woman continually showing up at his home on Greenway Drive, even though he asked her repeatedly to stay away. The young woman was given a trespass notice. *Domestic Violence *At 10 am on Monday a 20 year old woman reported that a 28 year old man struck her in the head while they were having an argument. She had been trying to get the man to leave her residence on Ledoux Avenue because she thought he was high. After he hit her, she tried to call 911, but he allegedly took her phone away and fled the apartment before officers could arrive. They are still trying to locate him. His probation officer has been notified. He will also be served a trespass notice. *Theft *Officers arrived at White's Energy Dodge at 10:58 am on Monday, where an employee reported a 34" Eurolife LED Lightbar had been stolen. It was previously attached to the front bumper of a Dodge Ram 2500. Value is $150. A 64 year old man reported Monday night that a red Honda generator, value $1800, was taken from Proelectric Incorporated within the last couple of days. *Fraud* A 31 year old woman reported the IRS allegedly called her and told her she had an arrest warrant and could take care of it by paying a fee. She wired 3 different people in the Seattle, Washington area a total of $2400. Police are investigating. *Destruction of Property* A 41 year old woman told police that Monday at Lakeside Liquors she found a dent in her Dodge Ram, right above the door jam. Estimated damage is $200. *Drugs Found *A K9 unit inspected an apartment complex on Dogwood after receiving a complaint about the smell of marijuana. Dogs indicated possible drugs at one apartment, consent for a search was given, and a pot pipe was found in a bedroom. It belonged to a 19 year old that does not live there. Police are investigating. Tuesday morning, K9 units checked a 4-door Mazda after it was stopped for a traffic violation. They detected the possible presence of drugs. Small amounts of marijuana were found on the floorboard and in the glovebox. The 18 year old driver said he had just bought the car. *DUI* Officers stopped a Buick Monday night for failing to maintain its lane and speeding, going 40 in a 30 mph zone. The driver was a 16 year old boy. While talking to the teen officers allegedly smelled marijuana, and he admitted to it being in the car, and also to smoking it 45 minutes earlier. He agreed to perform a field sobriety test which he failed. He was arrested for DUI and a search of his vehicle turned up approximately 2 grams of marijuana. He was also cited possession of a controlled substance. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Ryan Hernandez, 33, Gillette*, was arrested for careless driving. *Harassment* A 26 year old woman reported Monday morning that her ex-boyfriend had been coming in to her home on Peaceful Valley Drive without permission. He also hadn't returned her Playstation. He was issued a trespass notice. *Theft* A former employee of Pinnacle Roofing allegedly took keys for all the business's work vehicles, and a credit card for the company. An investigation is ongoing. Four wheels, valued at $165 each, were taken from a storage unit at Big Horn Tire, some time between midnight and 4 am on Monday. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news