Dispatch: Thefts; suspected child abuse; DUIs

This is Tuesday's law enforcement recap from around the county. All calls took place between 6 a.m. February 23rd and 6 a.m. February 24th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *John Brauneis, 23, Gillette*, arrested for a failure to appear warrant. *Jason Collier, 35, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Charles Hutton, 38, Gillette*, arrested and being held for another agency. *Richard Kuntz, 24, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Shawn Schriner, 34, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Maxwell Wilson, 27, Gillette*, was stopped Wednesday morning while driving south on Butler Spaeth for having a headlight out and driving in the turn lane. Officers allegedly smelled alcohol on him, and he did not finish his field sobriety because he stated he was too drunk to drive. His blood alcohol was .20 and he was driving with a suspended license. He was arrested for DUI. *Suspicious Activity* Tuesday morning on Lakeway Road, a 32 year old man was reportedly forging checks at Menard's. Upon further investigation it was found that the man had permission to write checks on the account, but caused some issues at the store and was trespassed off the premises. Department of Family Services requested the Gillette Police Department assist them Tuesday morning when a 1 year old boy was brought in by his 19 year old mother, who claimed the father was using meth and heroin around her child and physically abusing him. Officers found several bruises on the child. They searched the father's residence but no controlled substances were found. The man conceded to a drug test, which was negative for drugs. The case is still under investigation. Tuesday night at Papa John's, an employee stated that he saw a man with a green hoodie inside one of his co-worker's cars. When the employee stepped outside, the man was no longer in the car, but walking around the parking lot. He appeared to be in his early 30s and when he saw the employee looking at him, he got in a green Jeep and drove away. They are still trying to locate him. Nothing appeared to have been taken from the employee's car. *Hit Skip* Monday morning a 34 year old woman said her Chevy Avalanche had been hit somewhere in the city, but wasn't sure where. There was white paint transfer on the front of her car, and damage is estimated at $1000. *Destruction of Property* An employee at Huff and Puff witnessed a 1980s model blue truck with a camper top hit the rain gutter on the south side of the building near the drive through window. This happened at around 5:45 Tuesday afternoon. A 12 foot piece of gutter was pulled from the building, damage estimated at $500. At noon, a 62 year old woman reported that someone keyed her pickup. She doesn't know where it happened. She was at South Campus when she discovered it. Damage is less than $1000. *Fraud* A 47 year old woman reported that she had fraudulent charges on her debit card after it had been stolen last Friday. Seven ATM withdrawls were made on her account, totaling $134.70 over the course of the last five days. The case is still under investigation. *Theft* A 52 year old woman stated that her wallet was taken while she was visiting the library Tuesday afternoon. She was there about a half hour, and as she was leaving she could not find her wallet. No one at the library had turned it in, and she looked around and found one of her bank cards in the trash. Estimated loss is $100. Library will be providing surveillance video for the investigation. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Tyler Clover, 22, Gillette,* arrested for a failure to appear warrant. *Kenneth Perry, 23, Gillette*, arrested and being held for another agency. *Theft* Tuesday morning a 64 year old man on Grandview Drive reported that two buckets of fishing gear and a fish finder were missing from his garage. He last saw the items about six weeks ago. The fish finder is valued at $250, and the other tackle another $600. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news