Do you need more options to respond to County 17? Facebook's got that covered.

(Wyoming) Facebook is rolling out updates this morning that include more "complex" emotions other than the traditional "thumbs up." According to CNN , the social media platform has spent more than a year creating "Reactions" for your status updates. If you felt the old "like" button didn't suit your needs in terms of wordless reactions to news, now "heart" "happy face" "tear-drop sad face" "surprised" and "angry" are available when you want to let someone know you're upset about their grandmother's death, but are driving and can't fully express your sorrow. Facebook worked with a team of sociologists, had focus groups, and surveys in order to narrow the selection down. They nixed the idea for a "dislike" button. "That doesn't seem like the kind of community that we want to create," Zuckerberg said during a town hall Q&A. This is one of the biggest changes to Facebook since its launch. Have you got the update yet? Let us know on our page . #county17 #news