Crushed car found buried at Caballo Mine

(Gillette, Wyo.) On Friday, February 19th, workers at the Caballo Mine uncovered a vehicle buried about eight feet down. The vehicle had Park County plates and appeared to be from the seventies. They moved it to the dump pit, where it was buried by debris until they reported the find to Campbell County Sheriffs on Monday. The Sheriff's Office requested the mine uncover the vehicle for inspection. By then it was about 30 feet down in the dump pit and it took several days to dig it back up again. Deputies removed the top from the vehicle and searched inside but nothing suspicious was found. Park County registration records from the 70s are not available on their computer system, so they will have to be checked by hand to find the vehicle's owner. Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds noted that the car's license plate was in very good shape considering it had been buried for what appears to be a considerable amount of time. The Sheriff's Office is still investigating. #county10 #news #reboot