Republican presidential caucus underway in Campbell County

(Gillette, Wyo.) The nominations for a GOP candidate in the 2016 presidential election are taking place today at the Campbell County Library in the Wyoming Room. The caucus started at 10 a.m. for registered Republican voters and will continue through the day until 3 p.m. Wyoming is a caucus state, and each precinct is responsible for holding a caucus to choose a candidate that will be representative of them at their county's party convention. The Campbell County Republican convention is on March 12th. [image: 20160227_115847.jpg] Crook County's caucus is today at the county courthouse, and Weston County's caucus is today at VFW post 2516, in Newcastle. The state of Wyoming does not hold a general election-style primary like most states will on Tuesday. "When we choose those people (at County Convention March 12), they will get up and say, 'If you vote for me, I will support x candidate at the National Convention," Wyoming GOP Chairman Matt Micheli said in a video with Secretary of State Ed Murray. "That is how, in Wyoming, we choose which presidential candidate we will support," Micheli said. The caucus system is designed to bring together interested voters in each party to hold a day long discussion about who is right for their city. [image: 20160227_115614.jpg] Residents are discussing resolutions for the party platform that effect everyone, like jobs, the economy, education, and immigration. At the end of the caucus, delegates will be chosen to represent Campbell County at the county's Republican convention, and from there the state convention on April 16th in Casper. #county17 #news #whatshappening