Frontier Auto Museum is a look at Wyoming's automobile history

(Gillette, Wyo.) "We got a stuff problem," says Jeff Wandler. I wanted to get this stuff out of the house so I didn't end up on that Hoarders show."Jeff Wander. "I wanted to get this stuff out of the house so I didn't end up on that Hoarders show." Wandler, Vice President of L&H Industrial, stopped drinking in the 90s and started collecting classic cars, gas pumps, and vintage signage. "This is all my beer money from the last 20 years," he joked. [image: 20160227_141810.jpg] He's had his eye on the old Ford dealership on 2nd Street for a while now, even when it was the Quilt Nook. After the owner passed away, he jumped at the chance to take over the space and fill it with the personal collection of car-related items that was taking over his father's machine shop in Rozet. The Frontier Auto Museum was born. It opened in January. Admission is $5, and it's still a work in progress. Wandler says he's always looking for more items from around Gillette to decorate the area, and they're hoping to add more photos of the building from when it was a Ford dealership. On Saturday he gave a tour to members of the Campbell County Historical Society, explaining the provenance of items like the horse-drawn fuel wagon he has in the main showroom, from the turn of the century. [image: 20160227_144608.jpg] "All the original lettering was still underneath the rust when I found it in Omaha," he told the group. "It even has the unit number on it." Along with other craftsmen from North Dakota, he fully restored the wagon, including vintage gas cans in the back like would have been brought with them as they refueled tractors around the area. Crammed in the back room is a section designed to resemble an old general store, complete with lumber planks donated from an old barn by a woman in Sundance. One corner is filled with photos and memorabilia provided by Center Bar owner Norma McIntosh, set behind the old county jail cell. A mailbox from a post office in Midwest here, a cash register from Belle Fourche there, and lots of vintage hats, combs, and retail displays contributed from his wife's personal collection. They definitely ended up with a lot of stuff, and this is just the beginning of an exciting piece of Wyoming history that the Wandlers are preserving here in Campbell County. #county17 #news