Dispatch: Drugs found at House of Hope; Teenage girl life-flighted to Denver

Here's what happened around Campbell County this weekend. All calls took place between 6 a.m February 27th and 6 a.m. February 29th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *John Adams, 45, Gillette*, arrested for DUI and DUS. *Luis Arno Marte, 20, Gillette,* arrested at K-Mart Friday afternoon for a warrant. *Casey Crawford, 18, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Donovan Drevlow, 21, Gillette*, arrested for DUI. *Krissa Hayes, 23, Gillette*, arrested Saturday morning. Officers responded to the report of a fight and found Hayes in an argument with her 25 year old sister. The older woman was allegedly grabbed by the hair and pulled to the ground by Hayes, and had scratches on her face when police found her. There was also 2.5 grams of marijuana found in the residence, and paraphernalia in Hayes' room when police searched it. Haynes was arrested for family battery and possession of a controlled substance. *Evelyn Hein, 35, Rozet*, arrested Sunday morning for unknown reasons. *Rodney Johnson, 46, Gillette,* arrested Saturday afternoon for a contempt of court warrant. *Jake Kerns, 23, Gillette*, arrested for DUI. *Jonathan Melville, 22, Gillette*, arrested for DUI, going the wrong way on a one way street. *Amy Myers, 34, Gillette*, arrested for DUI and not having car insurance. *Douglas Myers, 35, Gillette*, was present at the House of Hope when the director of Second Chance Ministries asked police to conduct a K9 search of the premises. Myers told officers he had something for them, and handed them a bag of suspected Spice. He then consented to a search of his room, and allegedly appeared to be hiding something behind his back. Officers allegedly found .25 grams of meth in a stocking cap he was holding. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. *Harvey Taylor, 40, Gillette*, Saturday afternoon he was allegedly trying to fight other people at a home on Boxelder Road. Officers found a 41 year old man had Taylor pinned to the couch, and when Taylor was released he tried to continue the fight. Instead he was arrested for public intoxication and taken to detention. *Jessie Venable, 40, Gillette*, arrested for use of a controlled substance. *Adam Youman, 25, Gillette*, arrest Monday morning for battery. A 20 year old woman had called 911 and told them she was in a fight with Youman. He had left the home before police arrived, and they found the woman lying on the ground outside, apparently intoxicated. She claims Youman hit her in the face and chest multiple times, and complained of pain in her chest due to her pacemaker. She had swelling above her eye. She was taken to hospital, which is when Youman came back to the scene with his 22 year old fiancee. He denied hitting the 20 year old woman, though his fiancee said he had thrown the other woman to the ground and they were punching each other. He had no injuries but had red marks on his hands. The 20 year old was cited for being a minor under the influence. *Found Property* 11 a.m. Saturday on 12th street a 34 year old woman turned in a wallet she found on the ground. The owner has not been located. *Sunday night* on Skyline Drive officers heard an object skid down the road as a car passed. The object was discovered to be a Playstation 3. It was logged in to evidence. *Narcotics* 12:33 p.m. Saturday at Budget Inn Express, staff reportedly found meth on a tv stand in one of the rooms. K9s indicated the possible presence of drugs at the suspected room, so officers obtained a warrant to search it. They did not locate anything other than the meth found by staff, which was less than one gram. There are suspects and an investigation is ongoing. *Criminal Entry* 8 p.m. Saturday on Warren Avenue, a 24 year old woman reported that her ex-boyfriend gained access to her home and changed the key code on her door. She couldn't enter when she got home and while trying to figure out why not, her ex opened the door from the inside and asked if he could stay at the house. She told him he needed to leave, which caused an argument, where he allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to harm himself. She left the home and contacted law enforcement. He was not at the home when officers arrived, and they are searching for him to check on his welfare. *Destruction of Property* 3:30 Sunday morning on Lincoln Street, a 62 year old man reported that the front window of his motor home was damaged. It's unknown how it happened, damage was approximately $200. *Child Neglect* 6 a.m. on Sunday morning officers arrived at Cimarron Drive to the report of an unresponsive teenage girl. Officers began CPR, and then fire and EMS took over when they arrived on scene. She was flown to Denver for treatment and detectives were notified to investigate. *Gas Leak* At 9:25 a.m. Sunday, Campbell County Fire and Gillette Police responded to the intersection of North Burma Avenue and Second Avenue for the report of a natural gas leak in the area. Fire department units found gas coming from cracks in the roadway. Source Gas was notified. They discovered a small leak on a 2" steel gas line that was repaired. Work was completed around 10:00 pm last night. *Cat Bite* Sunday morning at Wal-Mart an officer was bitten on his hands as he was trying to catch a cat running loose in an office. He was treated at the hospital and the cat is being quarantined. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Justin Albertson, 26, Wright*, arrested Sunday morning for probation violation and a bench warrant. *Troy Bell, 27, Moorcroft*, arrested for DUI. He had been stopped because he was swerving in his lane. *Matthew Carroll, 29, Greeley CO*, arrested for multiple warrants. *Ricky Cole, 28, Gillette*, and *Tommy Watkins, 34, Gillette* allegedly were in a fight while at the Campbell County Jail. Both refused to talk to deputies and so both were cited for battery. *Kelly Ellenson, 31, Gillette*, and *Christopher Henle, 39, Rozet*, were arrested at the Cam-Plex, when deputies say they saw the plunger cap from a syringe in Henle's car. Ellenson was discovered to have several warrants and was arrested. Allegedly he was found with pot before entering detention. Suspected meth was found in the Henle's car, and he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. *Charles Hutton, 38, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Austin Ideen, 21, Gillette*, arrested at the VOA for unknown reasons. *Andrew Jones, 28, Gillette*, arrested for domestic battery. He allegedly flipped a mattress while his 24 year old girlfriend was still on the bed. *Calvin Kent, 24, Gillette*, was arrested Saturday night at Camel Lanes for DUI. *Tatiana Limon, 23, Gillette*, was arrested for DUI Saturday morning. *Justin Obert, 20*, arrested for a probation violation. *Joshua Scheneman, 27, Gillette*, arrested for unknown reasons. *Rodney Smith, 25, Gillette*, arrested at the VOA when he was allegedly trying to pass a duffle bag with a cell phone and a bottle containing a suspicious pink substance through a window to a woman at the VOA. *Shannon Stewart, 40, Moorcroft*, arrested Thursday night for DUI. *Lance Venstad, 36, Gillette*, was stopped Sunday morning when his car was found to be swerving all over the road, and across the center line. He failed a field sobriety test and his blood alcohol was found to be .233. He was arrested for DUI. *Breaking and Entering* Saturday around noon on 2H Court, a homeowner reported that a window had been broken and some items were missing. It appears a former roommate was reclaiming some of this property. *Harassment* Sunday afternoon the parents of an 11 year old girl reported that she had received a text from someone looking to "hook up," and that when they searched this number online, several other people had reported a similar thing. Deputies showed them how to block the number from her phone. *Assault* Sunday night in Wright, there were reports of someone unlawfully touching another person. This is still under investigation. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news