Dispatch: Attempted strangulation; Theft from Titan Machinery; Drugs found during traffic stops

Here's what happened with law enforcement around Campbell County on Monday. All calls took place February 29th, through early morning March 1st. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *John Allemon, 31, Gillette *was arrested Monday at around noon for reportedly assaulting a woman trying to leave his residence and take their child with her. He reportedly chased the woman to a back room in the residence, pinned her on the bed, and started choking her. The woman claims she nearly passed out, and there were visible marks on her neck. He was charged with strangulation and domestic battery. *Bobbie Husted, 34, Gillette*, arrested for multiple county warrants for failure to pay on shoplifting, DUI, DUS, and Criminal Entry. *Donald Moates, 47, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Criminal Entry* Monday morning at Warlow Drive Apartments a maintenance worker says someone cut a square hole in the drywall that leads in to the manager's office. Nothing was reported missing but damage was around $200. *Dog Bite* A police officer was bitten on the hand by a two year old male pitbull on Stanley Avenue Monday morning. The dog had escaped its yard when officers were on scene to talk to the homeowner. No major injuries. *Destruction of Property* Monday afternoon at North Campus, an 18 year old reported that his Dodge truck was keyed. Estimated damage is $500. *Theft* A man reported that someone had cut the fence at Titan Machinery and stole 200 gallons of diesel fuel from the yard. An investigation is ongoing. *Narcotics* Monday night around 6 p.m., officers responded to the report of marijuana being smoked on Warren Avenue. A 34 year old woman and 17 year old boy were found in an apartment. The woman provided police a bag containing approximately 1 gram of marijuana, and a pipe. Marijuana ash was also found in the woman's bedroom, and a can with marijuana residue was found in teenager's bedroom. The teen admitted to using marijuana several days prior. The woman was cited for possession and use of a controlled substance. No arrests were made. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office * *Cheyanne Aalbers, 20, Gillette*, was stopped Monday night on South Garner Lake Road for driving with a suspended license. Gillette Police K9 units assisted in searching her car, and indicated possible drugs on the driver's side door. After searching the car, the dogs also pointed to the woman's purse. A search of the purse turned up a straw with suspected meth. She admitted to it being meth. A pot pipe was found under the driver's seat. K9 also indicated on a black safe in the car. Deputies opened it and found an empty bag with suspected meth residue in it. She was arrested for DUS, and probation violation. *Paul Borring, 23, Gillette*, was stopped by deputies who recognized him as having four driving under suspension violations in as many months. He was arrested for DUS and not having proper insurance. His passenger, 23 year old Catalina Flores, has a failure to appear warrant. While being arrested she was allegedly found to be in possession of schedule 3 pills, and pot. While entering detention a small baggie of a crystal substance was found hidden in her bra. She was charged with three misdemeanor counts of possession and a felony charge for trying to take drugs in to jail. *Chareena Holsinger, 35, Gillette*, was arrested for not having a valid driver's license and being under the influence of drugs. *Marilyn Kennedy, 24, Gillette*, was arrested for a bench warrant. *Corey Makeshine, 28, Gillette*, was arrested for a probation violation. *Trinity Scheifer 40, Gillette*, arrested for a bond revocation. *Logan Wambeke, 22, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Margaret Wiggins, 27, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Luerie Williams, 35, Gillette,* arrested for a warrant. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and CCSO Captain Eric Seeman.* #county17 #news