Dispatch: Prostitution; Domestic Violence; Drug investigation

Here is the latest from law enforcement around the county. All calls took place March 1st through early morning March 2nd. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Fernando Abeyta, 35, Gillette*, arrested for aggravated assault on Tuesday night. His 29 year old girlfriend had been visiting him and when she tried to leave, he became upset. He reportedly threatened to shoot her and her entire family if she left. He allegedly pushed the woman, grabbed her around the neck, slamming her in to the fridge, which caused her to black out. The woman, who is four months pregnant, had bruises to her arms and face and marks on her neck. *Samuel Snell, 30, Gillette*, arrested Tuesday morning when officers found him outside of his home, allegedly shouting and breaking the windows of his residence. He had a deep cut on his left wrist and was bleeding from both hands. He appeared to be extremely intoxicated and was unable to reason with officers, who placed him under arrest for public intoxication. *Narcotics* A 16 year old male had his cell phone confiscated by his diversion officer, after it was alleged the teenager was smoking Spice, which is a violation of his diversion conditions. It was reported that there was narcotics information on the cell phone, which was handed over to detectives. *Possible Drunk Driver* Tuesday afternoon on Boxelder, a brown Oldsmobile was reported to have left the area driven by a woman who appeared to be under the influence. The 38 year old was found by officers to not to be intoxicated, but had a suspended driver's license. She was cited for driving without a license. *Welfare Check *5:45 p.m. Tuesday officers arrived to American Lane after a man reported that a 31 year old man had called him, threatening to kill the caller's daughter, who is the mother of the 31 year old's two children. Officers were unable to locate the mother and children. When officers made contact with the suspect on the phone, he reported that his children's mother and new boyfriend had been using meth around the kids and abusing them, as well as extorting him by not allowing him to speak to his kids unless he paid $600 for every five minutes with them. The man claims he never threatened to kill the mother, but did threaten to beat up the boyfriend. He apologized and explained he was in Florida and couldn't have harmed anyone anyway. Crestline Circle at 9 p.m., a 40 year old woman contacted police after her 13 year old niece refused to stay at her home. The teenager told police she didn't want to stay there any more because she and her aunt don't get along. The 13 year old is now in DFS custody, and has been taken to the Crisis Shelter. Tuesday night a 37 year old man was taken to Campbell County Hospital for a voluntary evaluation. GPD had received a call from a friend of the man concerned that he was drunk and suicidal. Officers were advised that the man was going through personal problems. He was taken to the hospital without incident. *Prostitution* Tuesday night at the Best Value Inn, an anonymous caller reported that a woman in her twenties had been staying at the hotel and had an advertisement on Back Page, an "escort" classifieds site. Officers couldn't find the woman, but detectives have been notified. *Domestic Violence* Tuesday night, officers responded to Hamilton Street after a 29 year old man reported his 23 year old wife was irate and was throwing things around the house. She reportedly was yelling at her 3 year old and 5 year old, and left the home prior to police arriving on scene. An investigation showed the woman never tried to cause any physical injury to her children, but officers did separate the two parties. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Jamie Davis, 47, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Kevin Keller, 57, Gillette*, arrested for a federal warrant. The FBI has charged him with four counts of felony sexual exploitation of a child. He is being held for federal court. *Jerry S. Moore III, 28, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant and probation violation. *Amy Pirelli, 35, Gillette*, arrested for a failure to appear warrant. *Mary Taylor, 48, Gillette*, sentenced in court. *Edward Warren*, who turns *41* today, was arrested in Rock Springs for several municipal warrants out of Gillette. *Theft* Flipping 307, which has been renovating several residences at the Hitching Post, reported that nearly $5300 in power tools had been taken from their construction site overnight. A concrete power saw and several table saws were among the items stolen. Tuesday night, Big Horn Tire reported 6 more tires taken from their yard. Thieves stole 4 tires last Monday, as well, and there have been several other smaller thefts in the past week. Officers reviewed video surveillance and saw a truck leaving with all six tires Monday night. The case is still under investigation. *Lost and Found* Tuesday morning someone found a checkbook in Sage Valley Park. The owner had reported it stolen a year ago. *Escaped Prisoner* Justin Salzer, 29, of Gillette, had been serving time at a treatment center in Casper. He had been arrested last April after accumulating four DUIs. He walked away from the clinic on Tuesday. The court will decide whether he will be charged as an escapee or for non compliance of the terms of his sentence. *Ongoing Investigation* The Department of Criminal Investigations picked up three more suspects last night in Gillette in relation to their statewide meth case . They were reportedly looking for 13 individuals in total. Last night's names were redacted from arrest reports. *Information provided by GPD Sergeant Jason Marcus, and Campbell County Lt. Kevin Theis.* #county17 #news