Wyoming Ranked #1 in Places to Live Out Your Life

(Wyoming) Bankrate, the banking industry rating service, looks at cost of living, tax rates, health care, and crime statistics in order to find the most successful states for retirement. For the second year in a row, Wyoming is ranked #1 , ahead of South Dakota, Colorado, and Utah. Of course, other factors like the weather are important to the rating system, too. Last year, forty percent of the retirees surveyed said they'd rather live in the mountains, near outdoor recreation opportunities. We certainly have that in spades. But after some criticism with last year's list, Bankrate tried to include popular opinion in their results by weighting the statistics according to what seniors think is most important when it comes to retirement. “I get a lot of letters saying this should be most important, that should be most important, there isn’t consensus there,” Bankrate's Chris Kahn told TIME magazine . “I guess the one thing I’ve learned from all this is I’m never going to make a ranking that’s going to please everyone.” Since more than 60% of people surveyed by the site claim they'd like to move after retirement, we thought we'd look at how the Equality State stacked up in order to come out on top. Wyoming is: - 18th in Cost of Living (Mississippi is #1), up one spot from last year's #19 rank - 5th in crime (Vermont is statistically the safest state to live in) - 5th in "community well being," which is how happy and/or generally satisfied with their surroundings the public is. Last year we were 20th in this category - 32nd in Healthcare, up five spots from last year's #37 ranking - 3rd place in our tax rate, down from #1 last year (This year Alaska is #1) - 8th in Weather, to which New Mexico took first place It all averages out to Wyoming being the first choice for people who are looking for somewhere to spend their golden years. #county17 #news #shortgo #buckrail #oilcity #dally