Wyoming now has a state shrub, thanks to local high school students

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) Today Governor Matt Mead signed Senate File 52 in to law, designating the Wyoming big sagebrush as our official state shrub. You might wonder why lawmakers spent any time at all drafting a bill about an official shrubbery, but the truth is, it was one biology class in Hulett that did all the legwork. As part of a class project, Hulett juniors and seniors researched and presented their draft of a bill to representatives from Sundance and Devils Tower, Rep. Tyler Lindholm and Senator Ogden Driscoll. The Legislative Services Office helped them take their first draft to a final bill that appeared in this year's legislative session. Along the way, they learned a lot about sagebrush. Many native wildlife species rely on it, and it not only makes our soil more fertile, but prevents erosion. The students decided that made sagebrush emblematic of Wyoming. The bill passed its third reading in the Senate on Feb. 22, and the House Agriculture Committee on Feb. 25. Today it was signed in to law by Governor Mead, and the Hulett High School students were invited back to Cheyenne to witness it. "These kids from Hulett did a great job getting this bill passed," Mead said on his Facebook page . Congrats to Crook County teenagers who weren't afraid to take an idea and make it happen in a big way. #county17 #news