Dispatch: Drug arrests; Burglaries at Storage Units; Thefts at Good Times

Here's what happened around Campbell County this weekend. All calls took place between 6 a.m March 5th and 6 a.m.March 7th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Wendy Cavender, 33, Gillette*, arrested Friday for a probation violation. *Desiree Daniel, 33, Gillette*. 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, officers arrived at Daniel's apartment and could allegedly smell marijuana coming from inside. She denied having smoked any pot. A K9 searched the apartment and found a pair of pants on bathroom floor, containing a bag with 2.5 grams pot in the pocket, as well as five other baggies with approximately 2.5 grams of meth inside. Dogs found a marijuana roach in the bedroom and several pipes for pot and meth. *Michael Lueras*, Daniel's 43 year old live-in boyfriend, claimed ownership of the drugs, and was arrested for possession. claimed ownership. Daniel admitted to using pot, and was also arrested. *Mackenzie Dillion, 20, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Jesse Emery, 21, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Tyler Lee, 28, Moorcroft*, arrested for eluding an officer and interfering with an officer. *Matthieu Marini, 28, GIllette*, arrested for a DUI. *Ty McLaughlin, 43, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Martin Swendsen, 50, Gillette*, arrested 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning when officers found him passed out in the stairwell of the Thunder Rock Estates apartment building. He told officers he had been drinking vodka, and was arrested. His blood alcohol was .41 at dentention. *Good Times* Thefts 11:49 a.m. Saturday a 24 year old woman reported that her purse had been taken out of her husband's truck while it was parked at Good Times bar on Friday night. Her debit cards were used to withdraw $800 from her account. $1050 in total was lost. 10 a.m. Sunday a 38 year old woman reported that her purse was stolen from her car while it was parked at Good Times Saturday night. The car had been locked when she left it parked overnight, and when she returned to it Sunday morning she noticed the window had been broken out and her purse taken. The unknown suspect attempted to use one of her bank cards, but the bank prevented it from being charged. Damage to the car was $200. *Breach of Peace *A 34 year old man reportedly argued with 10-12 juveniles on Davis Street Saturday, after one of them allegedly cursed at him. The kids were warned about their language, and sent home. Officers intervened after the man went to the home of a 36 year old woman and spoke to her 13 year old daughter without her or any other person present, entering the home. He was told to stay away from the residence. No charges were filed. *Narcotics* 8 p.m. Saturday on Axels Ave a K9 unit searched a Ford Mustang driven by a 47 year old man and indicated possible drugs on the passenger side door, and a cupholder in the car. Nothing was found in the car and the driver denied use or possession of narcotics, but claimed perhaps one of his passengers could have had drugs in his car at some point. 10:30 p.m. Saturday, officers stopped a 21 year old man for speeding. As they were citing him, a Sheriff's deputy ran his K9 around the car and the dog indicated possible drugs in the vehicle. A black plastic container with 48 grams of marijuana and packaging was found in the back seat of the 21 year old's Hyundai, as well as two pot pipes and a pot grinder. He claimed ownership and was issued a citation for possession. He appeared to be a Colorado resident. 8 p.m. Sunday on Butler Spaeth, police used a K9 to search a Chevy Impala driven by a 19 year old. The dog indicated possible drugs present in the car, and marijuana shake was found in the console. The teen admitted he had used marijuana previously but no citations were issued. *Lost Property* Sunday morning a woman reported that she had lost three rings on March 4th. Her wedding ring was among the lost jewelry, valued at $2000. The other two had no given value but were reportedly sentimental in nature. The last time she had been wearing the rings was while she was at the Rec Center. *Destruction of Property* Noon on Sunday officers responded to Edwards Street when a 40 year old man reported he had been at Gillette Little League to drop off some paperwork and noticed a doorknob and window broken. Damage is $300, nothing appeared to be missing. Sunday afternoon officers responded to Lexington Avenue when a 45 year old woman said that she had recently been fighting with an ex, and found her home trashed by the man. Her furniture had been slashed with a knife, and the hood of her BMW had been dented and scratched. Damage to the car is $5000. *Domestic Violence* Sunday night on Decoy Ave officers met with a 23 year old woman and 22 year old man after they'd gotten in to an argument driving home from Rozet. When they returned to their residence, the man tried to prevent the woman from leaving again because he thought she was too drunk to drive. They got in to a shoving match, and may have even slapped each other. There were no injuries and no evidence to determine the responsible party. They were separated and no charges were filed. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Josh Black, 32, Gillette*, arrested for another agency. *Justin Emery, 26, Gillette*, arrested for battery. (Related Story Here .) *Daniel Garwood, 35, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Gregory Lee, 20, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Aaron Mitchell, 21, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant and probation violation. *Anthony Nield, 42, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. 1669 *Bowe Norris, 34, Wright*, arrested for a warrant. *Joshua Sommerville, 40, Rock Springs*, arrested for a probation violation. *Hershell Watkins, 38, Gillette*, arrested for unknown reasons. *Rebecca Worley, 33, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Lost Child* Saturday afternoon, a four year old was reported missing after his 11 year old sibling who was supposed to be watching him couldn't find him. He was discovered at a neighbor's house on Echeta Road. *Buglaries* Saturday around noon, a storage unit at Any Time Storage was found to have had its lock cut off and replaced by another. Unknown suspects removed a generator, air compressor, welding rods and a framing nailer from the storage unit. Approximately $510 in tools were taken. Sunday afternoon, a different storage unit at Any Time Storage was found to be burglarized, as well. Suspects cut through the drywall on an adjacent, unoccupied unit to steal a television and speakers. *Fraud* Saturday a man reported several unauthorized charges on his debit card while he was out of town. When he returned this weekend, he found he was locked out of his bank account, and three separate charges, totaling $75, had withdrawn money from his account. His bank cancelled the card and gave him a new account. Sunday a man reported that he received text messages saying that his debit card had been locked. The return phone numbers were 877 area code. As the man did not have an account with the bank they were claiming he had been locked out of, he figured it was a scam and reported it to the Sheriff's Office. *Threats* Late Saturday night, a man in Wright reported his neighbors on Bighorn Drive, as he was afraid they were going to beat him up. The man, who appeared to be drunk, claimed he had argued with his neighbor earlier that night, but had taken an hour to call Sheriff's deputies as he couldn't find his phone. They told him to sleep it off, as it appeared his neighbors had already gone to bed. *Pedestrian Accident* Sunday morning at Black Thunder Mine, a 59 year old man claimed to have the sun in his eyes when he hit a 62 year old walking in front of his car. The accident happened at low speeds, not more than five miles per hour, and the 62 year old only had minor injuries. There were no citations issued to the driver. *Accident* 10 a.m. Sunday deputies found a vehicle crash south of Stapleton. A woman had been headed north on Highway 50 said a Grand Am had come loose from its trailer. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news