Police searching for suspected car thieves make a DUI arrest instead

(Gillette, Wyo.) Early this morning, Gillette police received a call that two men and a woman were breaking in to cars on East Laramie Street. Witnesses reported that around midnight, the trio was allegedly going up and down the street, trying to open car doors, but were unsuccessful at finding an unlocked vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the woman, but found two 28 year old men on 9th and Gurley a half hour later. The pair denied being the men trying door handles. But Matthieu Marini, the driver, appeared to have been drinking. Officers asked him to perform a standard field sobriety test. He was arrested for DUI. His blood alcohol level was tested at detention but the results are not in yet. While making the traffic stop on 9th, officers also found a syringe with a small amount of blood inside and a fork with white residue on the street. They were unable to determine where it came from. It was logged in to evidence. #county17 #news