Refusal to pay bar tab leads to three arrests at Buffalo Wild Wings

(Gillette, Wyo.) Law enforcement had their hands full Saturday night. While Gillette Police were busy with several narcotics calls around the city, a fight at Buffalo Wild Wings resulted in the Sheriff's Office responding to the call in town. Around 11 p.m., deputies arrived at BW3's for several reports of fighting both in the parking lot and in the restaurant. They found the female bartender in the back of the bar, trying to get a man to pay his bill, but he was yelling about how he had already paid his tab. Reports indicate that 26 year old Justin Emery had punched a 43 year old man who tried to step in while he claims Emery was "running his mouth." The punch sent the man over a table, crushing it and several glasses. He had had a black eye and a bleeding ear. Emery was arrested for battery. While assisting Sheriff's deputies, GPD discovered 20 year old Mackenzie Dillion had a warrant out of Crook County for not having insurance. She was arrested. Jesse Emery, the 21 year old brother of Justin, was also at Buffalo Wild Wings that night, and when GPD run his name they found he had a Campbell County warrant for driving while under suspension and possession of a controlled substance, as well as a municipal warrant. He was also arrested. #county17 #news *Image: Buffalo Wild Wings // Pitchengine Communities* [image: bartab.jpg]