Here's a Good Reason to Lock Up Your Car Overnight

(Gillette, Wyo.) Law enforcement in Campbell County reported an increase in thefts overnight. Three were from the same neighborhood near Sleepy Hollow, suggesting someone had been walking around trying door handles to find anything they could take. South of town on Robin Drive, a man reported someone had rummaged through his unlocked car on the 6th or possibly before 6:30 a.m. on the 7th. Nothing appeared to be taken, but he could tell someone had been in his vehicle. Around the corner on Sassick Street a few minutes later, a neighbor reported that his unlocked Jeep had also been rummaged through overnight. A pair of shoes, valued at around $50, had been taken, as well as a few unopened beers and the paperwork for his vehicle. The removal of the paperwork is concerning to Sheriff's deputies. At 10 a.m. down the street, another neighbor noticed their wallet had been taken from their unlocked Audi. The owner's social security card, debit card, and a pre-paid credit card with their tax return on it had been in the wallet. Apparently the suspect had used the credit card to make $279 worth of purchases online. Across town at 6:45 a.m., an employee of the Early Childhood Center reported that she'd seen an Hispanic man in all black clothing walking away from a customer's car. He got in to a red "chromed-out" car and drove away. The owner of the car had left her vehicle running and unlocked shile she was inside. When she got to work later, she noticed her purse was missing. Her passport was inside. She estimates the value of her loss at $300. #county17 #news