What's in a Jump?

(Sundance, Wyo.) If you've traveled through Beulah on I-90, you've probably noticed the Vore Buffalo Jump just off the highway. The archeological site is actually a sinkhole from thousands of years ago that local tribes of natives used as a way to trap herds of bison stampeding across Crook County in the sixteenth century. It was discovered on the Vore family ranch in the 70s and has been going through periods of excavation ever since. But only 10% of the site has been uncovered so far. The Buffalo Jump Foundation says that they think at least 4000 bison were killed there over the course of 20 hunts spanning a few hundred years. According to their Facebook page , one of the most popular questions at their Visitor Center is what *else* is found in the sinkhole, other than bison. They asked Danny Walker, PhD, a retired State of Wyoming archaeologist, for a list of what has been recovered from the sinkhole: - 1 Toad - 1 Sharp-tailed grouse - 1 Raven - 1 Cottontail - 1 Thirteen-lined ground squirrel - 1 Grizzly bear - 1 Coyote - 11 Wolves, dogs, or wolf-dog hybrids - 1 Mule deer - 1 Pronghorn antelope - 1 Red fox And of course, almost 500 bison have been recovered from the layers and layers of bone they've sifted through already. The site is closed for the winter, but re-opens in June for visitors from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The entrance fee is $7. *Feature photo from 2009, before the permanent structures were built on site for exhibits.* #county17 #news