Dispatch: Terror Threats reported by the NYPD; Drugs found at the Marriott

Here is the latest from law enforcement around the county today. All calls took place March 8th through early morning March 9th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Mindy Bailey, 45, Gillette*, arrested 3 a.m. Wednesday morning at the Loaf and Jug on 59. Staff had reported reported her for allegedly attempting to shoplift. When police arrived she refused to identify herself. She was arrested for interference with an officer. *Alonzo Chavez, 22, Gillette*, arrested for breach of peace during a car fire . *Michael Duckworth, 39, Gillette*, arrested Wednesday morning. Police were on Ledoux Ave around midnight, investigating the report of a suspicious person in the area. Loud music was heard coming from Duckworth's car while it was parked in a parking lot. He was found to have a warrant out of Laramie County for parole violation. A broken pot pipe, a meth pipe, and a homemade soda can pipe were allegedly found in his vehicle. Also bottle of clonazepam, also known as Klonopin, that he didn't have a prescription for, was found, with three pills inside. He was arrested for possession in pill form as well as the warrant for his arrest. *Salvador Salas, 25, Gillette*, was discovered with a fake urine kit while trying to provide a urine test sample at probation. Officers searched his home and reportedly located .3 grams of meth. He was arrested for probation violation. *Mark Tomjack, 51, Gillette*, was arrested for a bench warrant. *Matthew Wood, 31, Gillette*, was arrested Tuesday afternoon when police arrived at his home following a report that there may be drug use in the residence. A search of the home turned up a small baggie with meth residue in it. He was arrested for felony child endangerment. *Fraud* Tuesday morning, a 50 year old man reported to police that he'd used eBay gift cards to buy a GMC Yukon from someone in Broomfield, Colorado. When he arrived in Colorado to pick up the truck, he found that the person at the residence was not who he had bought the vehicle from online. Ebay referred him to the police department for an investigation. *Breach of Peace* Tuesday at 1 p.m., a law office employee on South Gillette Avenue reported that a 20 year old man was on-site yelling profanities. The suspect left prior to police arriving on scene. *Terror Threats* The NYPD Intelligence Unit received information that someone was going to detonate an explosive device in the area, but they did not know specifics like exactly where or when. The reported it to Gillette Police, and it's being investigated, though they suspect it's someone trying to get someone else in trouble and perhaps not an actual terror threat. *Theft* A 25 year old woman reported that someone had taken her wallet out of her unlocked car between 9 and 10 a.m. while it was parked at the apartment complex on North Gurley Avenue. $260 in cash, her credit cards, and social security card were in the wallet. Late Tuesday afternoon, staff at Home Depot notified GPD that they believed an employee had stolen $2000 worth of cash from the business. The 31 year old man admitted to stealing the money when he was questioned by police. It is still being investigated, so there have been no arrests yet. *Narcotics* Tuesday night at the National 9 Inn, officers received a complaint of pot being smoked somewhere in the motel. They contacted a 47 year old man on a first floor room they suspected to be the source of the smell, and he admitted to smoking marijuana. He was cited for use of a controlled substance. 3 a.m. Wednesday, a 48 year old and 24 year old were questioned by police at the Marriott Towneplace Suites for behaving suspiciously. It was found that the pair had been smoking pot and were still in possession of marijuana while being interviewed. They were both cited for possession. *Mental Illness* Tuesday night a 27 year old woman was contacted by police after they received reports that she was possibly suicidal. She made statements to officers that seemed to indicate she was not in a good state of mind and they took her to the hospital for treatment. *Destruction of Property* 12:45 a.m. in the Albertson's parking lot, police spoke with an 18 year old man who had reported that a car had been following him around town. He reported that three men, all 20 and 21 years old, allegedly threw a crowbar at his windshield. He and his father were in the car when the windshield was cracked. It's estimated $300 in damage was done. Officers have not yet spoken to the suspects in person, but have been in contact, and an investigation is ongoing. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Jason Collier, 36, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Clancy Fenner, 31, Gillette*, arrested for domestic battery as the result of a family fight yesterday . *Ross Gulley, 33, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Matthew Hammond, 24, Gillette*, arrested for three bench warrants for contempt of court. *Jason Lapp, 42, Bar Nunn*, arrested for a warrant out of Crook County. *Lyra Rinkenberger, 25, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Nicholas Schabot, 35, Wright*, arrested as a fugitive from justice. *Raymond Zweeres, 43, Gillette*, arrested for violating a family protection order and driving on a suspended license. *Theft* Tuesday morning another theft was reported on Robin Drive . The victim noticed someone had rummaged through their car but did not find anything missing. *Fraud* A couple called the Sheriff's Office to report that they'd received a letter from the IRS. The letter was to notify them that someone had tried to file taxes using their Social Security number. The IRS reported the incident to their credit company, and the couple notified law enforcement. *Suspicious Activity* Deputies assisted the VOA on Tuesday afternoon when a cell phone had been discovered on the property. Cell phones are not allowed there, so the Sheriff's Office is investigating who the phone belongs to. *Airport Emergency* Sheriff's Office assisted EMS at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport on Wednesday morning. A 46 year old man was having trouble breathing, and was transported to the hospital. *Probation Violation* A man carrying two backpacks was found by deputies sitting on the sidewalk on Westover Road Wednesday morning. The man said he was waiting for a ride. He had no warrants but had appeared to be drinking though he was on probation. He was not arrested. *Information provided by GPD Sgt. Greg Brothers and CCSO Captain Eric Seeman.* #county17 #news