Truck fire in front of Children's Center leads to arrest

(Gillette, Wyo.) Tuesday afternoon, Alonzo Chavez was driving his Chevy pickup west down Boxelder from South Douglas Highway when other drivers noticed the back of his truck appeared to be on fire. Witnesses attempted to flag him down, but he didn't end up stopping until he was at Children's Developmental Services on 4-J road. It was there his vehicle became consumed by fire. Gillette Police and Campbell County firefighters arrived on scene to try and put out the flames that appeared to have originated from the contents of a box in the truck's bed. embed video During the event, the 22 year old was reportedly screaming obscenities at everyone on scene. Police eventually arrested Chavez for breach of peace. The fire was put out, but thousands of dollars in damage were done to the truck. The cause is still under investigation, but according to police, the fire consumed most of the evidence, making it difficult to determine if this was a crime. #county17 #news