Midterms get less stressful at Gillette College

(Gillette, Wyo.) Several times a year, during midterm and final exams, Gillette College gets together with Campus Life and the Counseling and ADA services, and provides activities for students on-campus to help them decompress from a stressful week of testing. So far this week there have been study tents set up in the student Commons area, s'mores, sand art, and painting. Today the school brought in therapy dogs for a one hour session. It's the fifth time they've used the Alliance of Therapy Dogs for de-stress sessions. "There's been a really good turnout," said Campus Life coordinator Nicole Clark. "We had about 40 people show up for sand art on the first day. We actually ran out of sand provided by the supply company and I had to make more on my own with play sand and food coloring." [image: artsnfarts.jpg] Kaitlynn Willis, a first year student at the college, dropped by to pick up some more s'mores supplies for lunch. She says the activities are definitely a stress relief. "I've been here every day," she told County 17. "Yesterday AVA [Art Center] came in and we painted on glass, then transferred it to paper to see the patterns we could get." The dogs are definitely a big draw, as well. The sand art and s'mores are a new addition. In the past, they've hosted a hot tea bar, an oxygen bar, and yoga and meditation sessions in an attempt to make sure everyone is having a chance to unwind from a busy week. "We make sure to advertise it as much as we can," said Clark. "There are table ads and digital displays around campus. And we try to have things out in the open at the Tech Center's flex space or right out front here, so people see things when they walk in." #county17 #news