Suspected shoplifting with a deadly weapon

(Gillette, Wyo.) A 16 year old employee at Rue 21 reported that a customer pointed a gun at him after the security alarm at the front door was activated on Monday. An unknown woman entered the store that day with what the teenager described as a large, empty handbag. After some time shopping around the store, the employee noticed her purse was bulging. She brought some items to the register, but said she had to get more money from her car. She went outside and when she returned to the store, the teen claims her purse appeared to be empty again. She continued to shop around the store some more, and when she approached the counter to pay for the things she'd picked out, he says her purse appeared to be full of stuff again. The woman made her purchases and then attempted to leave, setting off the alarm at the front door. The employee asked if he could help her check the store shopping bag with her purchased items, in case he forgot to remove a security tag. When nothing could be found with a tag still on it, she said it might be her gun that set off the alarm, and handed him a silver revolver. He gave her the gun back, and she put it back in her purse. That's when, according to police reports, he asked if she wanted to check her purse to "make sure something didn't accidentally fall in it." This is when the woman allegedly grabbed the gun that was now inside her purse, and reportedly pointed it at him from inside her handbag. She said "I don't think so," and left the store. The employee told management, but management claims there wasn't enough information to report it to police. So the boy and his mother reported it to police themselves on Wednesday. Police are working on getting a description of the woman. The employee did not see what kind of car she was driving. #county17 #news