Thefts from cars at Wright mine lead to search in Gillette

(Gillette, Wyo.) Employees of the Black Thunder Coal Mine alerted the Sheriff's Office at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning to thefts from at least four personal vehicles that had been locked and parked in the employee lot. One car had had its window smashed in. Multiple items were stolen from inside the vehicles. As a deputy was investigating, one employee reported that several hours earlier, at around 11:30 p.m., he had noticed a truck that looked out of place in the lot, and had informed the guard on duty there that he thought it was suspicious. The truck was described as a silver Dodge pickup with a tool box. Deputies used this information to track the suspect back in Gillette, with the aid of Gillette Police K9s. Dogs searched for nearly two miles from Remington Estates westward. Reportedly the suspect had been seen briefly by the tracking team in the distance, but dogs lost his scent trail near Pronghorn Meadow Lane. Instead, law enforcement found an abandoned vehicle on Pronghorn Meadow Lane matching the description of the silver Dodge. It was found to belong to a local business, who, when contacted, said that no one is authorized to use their vehicles for personal use, and the truck was most likely stolen from them. The truck was then towed to the Sheriff's Office to be searched. Items inside will be inventoried, as some have already been identified as stolen property, and returned to owners. There are no known suspects at this time and the Sheriff's Office is still investigating. #county17 #news