Konsmo for Congress! Mike Konsmo brings his positive message to Gillette.

(Gillette, Wyo.) Mike Konsmo, a Republican from Powell, is campaigning in Gillette and Campbell County. “I strongly believe that a good representative must listen carefully to the people he represents,” Konsmo said. “That’s why I have visited Gillette and Campbell County many times and I will return many times.” Konsmo notes that he has made four trips to Campbell County since his campaign began. He discussed ideas with families attending the Gillette Main Street Ice Festival. He talked with coal workers attending refresher training at the Cam-Plex. He visited with personnel at the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce and the Office of the Mayor of Gillette. He spoke at the Campbell County Republican Caucus at the Campbell County Library. “I have visited with people throughout the region, including Gillette, Sundance, Newcastle, and Bright, to make sure I understand the concerns of each individual,” Konsmo said. “This is not my campaign, this is our campaign.” Konsmo says that people have voiced concerns about their jobs, about the state economy, and about the future of their children. [image: Inline image 1] “With news of layoffs and bankruptcies, it is obvious that we need long-term solutions,” Konsmo said. “People in our state are tired of a boom or bust economy.” Konsmo wants to stabilize the mineral resource industries in Wyoming. He uses the coal industry as an example. “We need to change the narrative on coal,” Konsmo said. “We need to reverse Obama’s moratorium on new coal leases. We need to pursue clean coal technology. We need to build a coal terminal in Washington State. We need to sell our coal to China, India, and other countries.” Konsmo emphasizes that Wyoming generally needs more long-term planning for our energy resources. “Our energy can change the world in positive ways, Konsmo said. “We must stabilize the oil industry by bringing up the price of oil. We need to prepare infrastructure to support natural gas output. We need to invest in solar panels and wind turbines. We need to invest in the production of uranium and yellowcake. We need a comprehensive energy plan.” Konsmo also wants to diversify the state economy by creating new business opportunities and boosting new industries. “We can begin to diversify the state economy by supporting the tourism and recreation industries and by bringing new companies to the state, Konsmo said. “Wyoming’s quality of life and tax laws make it the perfect place to establish new businesses.” He also believes that helping small businesses in each community will strengthen Wyoming’s economy. “Small businesses in rural areas need more support for social media, online sales, and marketing to tourists,” Konsmo said. “We need to reform federal taxes to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. We need to reform Obamacare so that small businesses and individuals don’t suffer. We need to remove any needless federal regulations.” [image: Inline image 2] All of these goals support Konsmo’s overall philosophy. Konsmo explains that diversifying our state economy and creating stable jobs are the first things Wyoming needs to fix. These goals convinced Konsmo to run for office. He says that he wanted to run for Congress because he wanted to help students find jobs. “As teacher, I am concerned about students,” Konsmo said. “We have a great K-12 system, a great community college system, and a great university. Students are graduating from these schools and they can’t find the type of jobs that they can use to build a career, a family, and a full life.” Konsmo notes that if anyone wants to contact his campaign, they can do so by visiting the Konsmo for Congress campaign’s page: “My hope is that people from Gillette, Campbell County, and across our state will get excited about exchanging long-term solutions for the positive future of our state,” Konsmo said. Paid for by Konsmo for Congress. #sponsored #news #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #reboot #county17 #buckrail #dally #springcity