Museum Seeking A Name Change for Neighboring Community Center

(Gillette, Wyo.) Tuesday night the Rockpile Museum Board asked the County Commissioners if it would be possible for the Rockpile Community Center to be renamed. The old fairgrounds buildings, which are collectively titled the Rockpile Community Center, but which some still refer to as "The Soup Kitchen," is used to provide a gathering space for the community. Habitat for Humanity, the Girl Scouts, and Master Gardeners are just some of the organizations that take advantage of the 5000 square foot space north of 2nd Street on 4-J. But the similar names are sometimes too confusing, with the Rockpile Museum being just down the road. "Last Saturday we had 20 or 30 people that showed up looking for a Girl Scout Carnival," said Museum Director Robert Henning. "They were looking for the Community Center. People always come in and ask things like 'Where's the tree sale?' or 'Where's the tool sale?'." After mentioning this to Parks and Rec director Dave McCormick, Henning was encouraged to bring it up with the county. "We have the Rockpile, and we want to create a brand as the Rockpile Museum," Henning told the board. Commissioner Mark Christensen agreed that he has thought about a name change as well, particularly because the Community Center is no longer really the same area it used to be. The new fire station and the Council of Community Services now stand along 2nd street between the museum and the old fairgrounds facility. The Rockpile Ice Arena is also part of the old fairground property, standing on the site of what used to be a white barn that burned down. Chairman Garry Becker wasn't even aware that it was officially titled the Rockpile Community Center, thinking that everyone still called it "The Soup Kitchen." The commissioners agreed that renaming the center may be a good idea, if the museum can come up with a suitable replacement. The museum board will do further research in to the history of the fairgrounds, in the hopes of finding someone who was instrumental to Campbell County to name the building after. #county17 #news *Feature photo: The actual rockpile and the Museum's auxiliary building, as seen from Fire Station #1.*