National Parks Service Posts Full List of Closed Climbing Routes

(Devils Tower, Wyo.) Last week we notified residents that certain portions of Devils Tower would be closed to rock climbers until the nesting season was over. Peregrine and Prairie Falcons spend the spring looking for suitable crevices to raise their young. They are not necessarily good nest builders otherwise, but are notorious for viciously defending their nesting spaces, and can become aggressive to anyone who gets too close during this time. [image: closedroutes.jpg] The closures over 49 routes up the west and southwest facing sides of the Tower closed yesterday until further notice. This includes the most popular routes, of Mr. Clean, Tulgey Wood, and El Matador. A complete list, going from Good Holds for Godzilla (#135) to Accident Victim (#182), is provided below. Good Holds for Godzilla Verrouiller Letoit Pendang la Marche Nam Risque No Holds For Bonzo High Nam Potatoes Alien Blotter is My Spotter Spank the Monkey Saber Bloodguard Non-Dairy Creamer Brokedown Palace Avalon Up in Smoke Jerry’s Kids Double Feature Captain Video Scottfree Pee Pee’s Plunge Vulture One O’Clock Demo Some Like It Hot The Howling Mr. Clean Dead Point Misty Morning Melody Independence A Bridge Too Far Adventurous Daze Tulgey Wood Mystery Express Way Layed McCarthy West Face (all variations) El Matador La Vaca Solitaria Digital Extraction El Sendero Luminoso The Thin Dagger Conquistador White Lightning Abject Cathexis Billie Bear Cranks the Rad A Reach Too Far Liken Lichen Porcupining Away Object Cathexis Steal Away Accident Victim Rangers will be strictly enforcing all these closures. If you're climbing on one of the open routes and you notice territorial aggression or defensive or distressed behavior from nesting falcons, descend off of the Tower at the next safe opportunity and report the incident to a ranger or other park employee. Peregrine and Prairie Falcons are protected by Federal law. It is believed that the use of the pesticide DDT in the mid-20th-century affected their breeding, thinning their eggshells. Allowing them safe nesting spots on sheer cliff sides has helped bolster their population. #county17 #news *Falcon photo h/t Howard Cheng, Wikimedia // Pitchengine Communities*