Two Separate Accidents Involving Alcohol Lead to Injuries

(Gillette, Wyo.) At 11 p.m. Wednesday night, Jamie Lubken drove his Toyota Tundra off the road in to a ditch, according to police reports. The car struck city property, damaging utilities having to do with Source Gas and Charter. Repair costs to both the vehicle and the businesses are in excess of $1000. When police found Lubken, he was in his home on Red Lodge Drive. He appeared to be intoxicated, and was bleeding from cuts and abrasions to his face. He was treated at the hospital and then arrested for DUI and cited for failure to report an accident, and failure to maintain his lane. His blood alcohol level was unavailable at the time of the report. Sheriff's deputies responded to Wild Horse Road at 3:45 Thursday morning. Wyoming Highway Patrol were investigating a rollover accident on I-90. A Dodge Utility Vehicle containing a man and his mother had apparently rolled off the highway and on to Wild Horse, southwest of Gillette. Both the man and his mother told law enforcement that the other was driving at the time of the crash. It had been apparent to deputies that they'd both been drinking. The woman was transported to the hospital via ambulance for injuries she sustained during the accident. A portable breath test showed a blood alcohol level of .041. Then man rode to the hospital with a Sheriff's deputy, because his dog had been with them in the car during the crash, and there was no one to take care of the dog while he received treatment. Instead the dog was taken to the animal shelter for safe keeping; it was not harmed. Their car was towed and neither one was cited for anything at this time. #county17 #news