Dispatch: Multiple drug arrests; Windows smashed at church; DUIs

Here's what happened around Campbell County this weekend. All calls took place between 6 a.m March 19th and 6 a.m. March 21st. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Arrests* *Tina Ames, 51, Gillette*, arrested Saturday night for DUI. A bouncer at Jake's Tavern saw her trying to drive away, and another employee managed to turn the woman's car off as she tried to drive up the sidewalk there. She agreed to a field sobriety test but could only perform certain maneuvers due to her level of intoxication. Her blood alcohol level was .24 at detention. *Jarold Burris, 31, Gillette*, arrested Friday night at Holiday Inn for use of marijuana. *Clint Copenhaver, 26, Gillette,* arrested for unknown reasons. *Zachary Fry, 21, Scappoose OR*, arrested Friday night for possession of marijuana. *Emmanuel Guizar-Valencia, 29, Gillette*, arrested for DUI and cited for speeding. *Johnathan Harris, 22, Casper*, arrested in Natrona County for a warrant out of Gillette for driving under suspension. *Jesse Heber, 18, Vancouver WA*, arrested for possession of marijuana. *Gregory Henry, 39, Talco TX*, was allegedly speeding on 59 near EZ. Police tried to stop him at Boxelder but he kept going until he reached the McDonald's on Camel Drive. His speed was clocked at 55 in a 30 mph zone. When stopped, he reportedly showed signs of being intoxicated, and then failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested for DUI and also charged with failure to yield and careless driving. His blood alcohol was .17 at detention. *Michael Jares, 44, Denver, CO*, was stopped by deputies for going 85 in a 65. Marijuana shake was allegedly spotted on Jares' pants. He was arrested for driving under the use of a controlled substance. *Benito Juarez, 34, Gillette*, arrested in Sheridan for driving with a suspended license. *Jeffrey Leachnan, 20, Aurora CO*, arrested for use of marijuana. *Nickolas Lower, 29, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant and cited with reckless driving. *Alexandria Martin, 26, Rapid City*, arrested for two warrants out of Niobrara County. Saturday afternoon officers stopped at the Rockpile Ice Arena when they found her three year old by the road. After search for her they discovered she had the warrants. *Jessica McKay, 41, Billings*, was stopped Saturday morning by deputies for failing to use her turn signal and not having proper registration. While talking to her, GPD K9 units sniffed around her Mustang and found what looked to be a pipe with meth residue. A search turned up two bags of meth. She was arrested for driving with a suspended license and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. *Mica Neville, 40, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Bobby Olson, 60, Gillette*, arrested Friday for ten counts of misdemeanor check fraud. *Sean Rakstad, 20, Gillette*, served a Gillette warrant while in Natrona County Jail. *Jason Robinson, 44, Gillette*, arrested 3 a.m. Sunday for DUI and failing to stop at a flashing red signal. According to witnesses, he was speeding eastbound on Lakeway and was unable to make a right turn on to Highway 59. He ran in to the traffic light support at the intersection. He was not hurt, but his 42 year old female passenger suffered injuries and was transported to the ER.. Reportedly she was also intoxicated. His car was totaled. *Trestin Swiggett, 27, Recluse*, arrested for possession of marijuana. *Anthony Vasquez, 31, Gillette*, arrested for a contempt of court warrant. *Connie Wagner, 49, Rozet*, arrested for DUI. *Wesley Watkins, 37, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Kendall White Tail, 24, Rapid City,* arrested in Natrona County as a fugitive from justice. J*ames Woodward, 30, Gillette*, arrested for domestic battery, misdemeanor child endangerment, interfering with an officer, and interfering with emergency calls. *Bryce Zitterkopf, 26, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Calls* *Assault* 9 a.m. Saturday, a 63 year old man told police he was assaulted at the Rec Center. He claimed he was walking out of the locker room when he was met by a 61 year old man who allegedly punched him in the shoulder as he was passing by. He says he has had past disagreements with this man. The man said he didn't punch the 62 year old, just "tapped" him. He was issued a citation for battery. *Hit and Run* 9:36 a.m. Saturday a 38 year old man reported his Chevy Impala had been hit while parked at Pat's Drive In. There was $300 in damage to the headlight, bumper, grill, and front quarter panel. *Destruction of Property* A 56 year old man told police at noon on Saturday that church members had said glass doors had been shattered at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church's preschool. Someone had entered but nothing was missing. Damages were $700. 8:15 p.m. Saturday a 19 year old woman and 21 year old man were reportedly fighting about the woman wanting to look through the man's phone. They broke up and she called someone to help her move out of the apartment. That's when the man allegedly grabbed her phone and broke it, then left with the couple's 1 year old child before officers could arrive. They are still looking for him, and he has been cited for destruction of property. Sunday afternoon a woman on Hilltop Drive found that someone had cut her fence and taken a propane tank. She confronted the neighbors and a report of the threats was forwarded to the Sheriff's Office. It turns out that her husband had cut the fence and moved the propane tank. *False ID* 10:52 p.m. Saturday officers responded to possible false ID being used at Center Bar. The woman had already left, but bar staff gave police the Tennessee Driver's License she had been trying to use. They are still looking for her. It's unclear whether the ID is fake or not, but it won't scan through the police department scanner. *Hit and Run* 3:37 p.m. Saturday a 31 year old woman reported that the front end of her Chevy Suburban had been hit some time on the 15th or 16th. She suspects it happened while she was parked at the Children's Center. Evidence suggests she was hit by a light colored SUV. Her headlight had been damaged, at a cost of $1000 to fix. 12:57 p.m. Sunday at Walmart a 39 year old man reported his Acura MDX had been hit in the parking lot on Saturday at 10 p.m. His car had a broken taillight and bumper, an estimated $3000 in damage. 6814 ax with injury 2:29 p.m. on Westover Road Harley collided with light pole. Broken leg and other minor injuries. $2000 to bike. Transported to hospital. 39 year old man. *Theft *6:27 p.m. Saturday a storage unit at Ward Country Storage was found to have been burglarized some time in the last month. A washer and dryer and some bathroom fixtures were reported missing. The renter's lock had been removed and then replaced with a new lock. 4:09 p.m. Sunday a 55 year old woman reported that a statue was taken from her yard on Gillette Avenue. It was three feet tall, made of concrete and depicted a man with no arms. $200 value. *Criminal Entry* Sunday night a woman on Sandalwood Street called 911. She was only able to say "Ayúdame" (help me) before hanging up. A Ford F-150 with three passengers was attempting to leave the scene as police arrived. A 26 year old man and his 18 year old wife reported that a 21 year old woman and 23 year old man came to their home to settle a Facebook dispute. The men met outside to talk, and got in a physical fight. The 21 year old went in the house and tried to take away the wife's phone to keep her from calling law enforcement. The couple denied to police that there was fighting and that they tried to enter the home, but the passenger in their truck disputed that when interviewed by police. The 21 year old was issued a citation for unlawful entry and the man with her was cited for breach of peace. *Narcotics* 6:06 p.m. Saturday, a 31 year old man was stopped for speeding. He was found to have 13 pounds of marijuana and marijuana edibles in his car. He was charged with felony possession of pot, as well as felony possession of meth, and a felony intent to deliver charge. His 27 year old female passenger was also charged with felony conspiracy. At 2:30 in the morning on Monday, a 22 year old man was seen parking his car behind Domino's, running in to the back of the store, and thun running back out again. When stopped by officers he was found with 3.1 grams of marijuana in plastic bag. There was also 1 gram found inside a glass pipe. He was cited for possession and driving on an expired license. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news