School logo reader poll results are in; School board still undecided

(Gillette, Wyo.) Student voting on the logo for the new Thunder Basin High School when it opens next fall is scheduled to end today. But last night at a Campbell County School Board meeting, it was discussed whether or not two logos would be a better fit for the new school mascot, the Bolts. District spokesperson Jeff Wasserburger told County 17 that no final decision has been made yet, but the popular choice among students will definitely grace the school's gym floor when it comes time to open the newly renovated South Campus. Whether or not the board will pick a secondary logo for other use will be decided, along with the poll results, on April 26th. Originally the decision was to be announced on April 12th, but that has been canceled and the school board meeting pushed back. We asked you which one you preferred , and the results were pretty clear. Out of nearly 450 votes placed, choice "D," the stylized "BOLTS" with a lightning bolt, was selected by readers as their favorite, with 50% of the votes. [image: pollresultsfix.jpg] Now we wait and see what the kids decide. Thanks for voting, County 17! #county17 #news