Dispatch: Child abuse; Fight at the Fireside Bar carries over to Shell Food Mart

Here's what happened around Campbell County on Thursday. All calls took place between 6 a.m March 23rd and 6 a.m. March 24th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Arrests* *Heather Butler, 43, Gillette*, arrested for six counts of contempt of court and six counts of probation violation. *Tiffany Calico, 41, Gillette*, was arrested for two warrants out of Souix Falls. *Kira Chipperfield, 29, Gillette*, was arrested for a bench warrant. *China Delfino, 22, Gillette*, was arrested for a probation violation. *Herman Dieckmann, 61, Gillette*, was arrested in front of the post office Wednesday afternoon when he was reportedly "acting aggressive" and "begging for money." He claims he was trying to raise enough money to send a stamped letter to his sister. Officers could smell alcohol on him, and gave him a breathalyzer test, which showed a .18 alcohol level. A search of his person allegedly showed he already had sufficient funds to send the letter. He was arrested for public intoxication. *Clarissa Flores, 31, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Lacy Huckins, 31, Gillette*, arrested for Wednesday night at Campbell County Hospital for a warrant. She allegedly became combative with the nursing staff when police arrived, and started removing the stitches from her arms. She was placed in handcuffs to prevent injury to herself and arrested. *Matthew Staat, 24, Gillette*, arrested Wednesday morning at the VOA when staff reportedly found a tin with a crystallized substance in it. There were approximately 2.6 grams that were unidentifiable and was sent to the state crime lab for investigation. *Chip Tyson, 42, Gillette*, arrested for a probation violation. *Roman Vanberkom, 29, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Wesley Watkins, 37, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Calls* According to Gillette Police, there were nine weather related crashes yesterday morning. One accident at noon on Hwy 59 and Shoshone involved a 62 year old woman driving a Chevy Tahoe that ran a red light. She collided with a 35 year old woman in a Jeep. No citations were issued because the traffic lights were still covered by snow. The 35 year old woman was treated for injuries but not taken to the hospital. The Campbell County Sheriff's Office also had a number of calls yesterday involving routine checks of sex offenders to make sure they are keeping up to date with their registry process. *Theft* 8:36 a.m. north of Weston and Recluse on Collins Road, 500 gallons of gas were reported stolen from tanks on the property some time between March 17th and March 22nd. 11:00 a.m. at North Campus a 17 year old man reported that someone took a set of headphones from his gym locker on the 22nd. The value is $270. 7:27 p.m. a 25 year old woman reported to Gillette Police that her 9 mm Glock was taken from her Jeep some time in January. It was parked in front of Jordan's at the time. She waited to report the incident to make sure she hadn't left it somewhere else. Value is estimated at $525. *Fraud* A 46 year old woman received a credit card statement in the mail for a Paypal credit card that she claims she doesn't have. The credit card company confirmed the card was opened using her personal information. Over $900 was spent online with the card. The account was cancelled and she is working with the credit company to get her credit statement fixed. There are no suspects. *Child Abuse* Wednesday night, a mother reported the ex-boyfriend of a friend of hers, for allegedly injuring her 7 year old daughter. The woman stated that the man had bruised her daughter on the shoulder while he was attempting to restrain her daughter during a temper tantrum. Officers photographed the bruises, but have not located the suspect. An investigation is ongoing. *Breach of Peace* Early Thursday morning, police stopped a 23 year old man walking along Highway 14/16 near Subway was stopped by police when t. They observed physical injuries on his face, and he admitted he'd been in a fight at the Fireside Bar and the Shell Station next door. According to statements, a 24 year old man punched the 23 year old in the face at Fireside. He then walked to the Shell to buy cigarettes, and the 23 year old walked in behind him, and re-engaged him in a fight. Both were cited for breach of peace. *Information provided by Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds and GPD Sgt. Kelly Alger.* #county17 #news