Gun show road trip ends in felony drug charges

(Gillette, Wyo.) Sunday night, a couple was on their way through Wyoming from Colorado. They had stopped for the weekend at a gun show in Casper, and were planning to see the sights in Northeast Wyoming and the Black Hills before heading to their hometown in Wisconsin, and the gun show there. Instead, Sheriff's deputies pulled them over on Highway 387 for speeding. According to court documents, a K9 unit helped deputies find over 13 pounds of marijuana hidden under the seat of the couple's Subaru. The driver, 31 year old Daniel Neuser, told law enforcement the fourteen different bags of marijuana, weighing a total of 13.4 pounds, was bought legally in Colorado, and was intended as gifts for family back home in Wisconsin. Both he and his girlfriend, 27 year old Erin Newland, claim she had no idea there was marijuana stuffed beneath the back seat in garbage bags. Along with the 14 bags of marijuana, over 15 ounces of THC products, including "Shatter," pot brownies, and THC candies were allegedly found in a backpack in the car. (Shatter is a type of THC concentrate that can look like honey, or candy brittle when it's cooled.) Daniel is being charged with two counts of felony marijuana possession, one for plant form and one for crystal form. He is also being charged with felony intent to deliver. The maximum penalty for all charges is 30 years in prison and/or a $30,000 fine. Erin was charged with a count of felony conspiracy. *Stock photo of THC shatter from YouTube* #county17 #news