Campbell County's unemployment rate is one of the fastest growing in the nation

(Gillette, Wyo.) The number of unemployed workers in Campbell County is now at 6.3%, up from the 6.0% in January that we reported last week . Unemployment this time last year was 4.8%. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services reports that there are 1,605 unemployed in the county, whereas that number stood at 939 in February of 2015. In Crook County, the rate is 4.9%, down from the 5.3% reported in January. Weston County's unemployment rate also dropped, to 4.0% from 4.2%. Statewide, numbers rose and Wyoming now stands at 5.0% unemployment, which is much higher than last February's rate of 3.8%, and is now higher than the national rate of 4.9%. This does not take in to account recent layoffs around the county that happened in March. (Figures for March will be released on April 19th.) But Wyoming has been experiencing the highest unemployment increase seen nationally, almost directly as a result of the energy downturn. #county17 #news