Graduation Rates Are Up Amongst Wyoming High School Students

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) High school graduation rates across the state are up this year, according to the Wyoming Department of Education. The graduating class of 2015 brought the total up to 79.41%, with seven schools achieving 100% graduation in that year. District-wide, Campbell County is at 77.8%, with Campbell County High School and Wright Jr/Sr High School both reporting an 82% average graduation rate. Westwood High School's rate was 68%. "Graduation rates really set the table for students in many ways. We really want to encourage a culture where our students aren't contemplating dropping out of school, but rather ask, 'why would I?'," said State Superintendent Jillian Balow. "When a student gets their diploma, they're really setting the stage for future success." Overall it appears that female, black, Asian-American, and bi-racial students are completing school on-time and at greater rates than their peers. [image: graphsies.png] #county17 #news *Photo h/t Saad Andalib //