Buffalo museum reflects culture of Northern Cheyenne and Lakota

(Buffalo, Wyo.) Last year the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum decided the Plains Northern Cheyenne tipi that had graced the museum grounds for fifteen years needed to be replaced. They commissioned two American Indian artists to paint Lakota and Cheyenne inspired designs on the new tipi, which took months of work. The result is the "Water Bird Tipi," which is a highlight for museum guests in the summer. Native Sun News out of Rapid City has the full story behind the artists who worked to create the new display: "The scene is of Cheyenne and Lakota warriors meeting at a tipi which forms the tail of a multi-colored water bird," James Starkey, also known as Defender Eagle, told the paper. "The clouds are raining soldiers, undefined, as is the face, hovering, seeming detached, disembodied, yet adding a signature to the work." The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum is located at 100 Fort Street in Buffalo, and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can visit the Water Bird Tipi this summer. Photo h/t Jim Gatchell Museum // Pitchengine Communities #county17 #dally #news