Make better choices right from the start: Better Nutrition Begins at the Supermarket

(Gillette, Wyo.) Campbell County Health's registered Dietitian Jamie Marchetti has been working with Don's Supermarket for a series of workshops about shopping smart, to promote National Nutrition Month. A group met with her today at the store for the second meeting this week. The discussions started with checking the contents on nutritional labels to figure out how to cut excess sugar and sodium from your diet. Smarter shopping leads to better eating, and examining what goes in to frozen and canned fruits and vegetables was an important part of today's lesson. Marchetti also fielded questions about genetically modified foods, and attendees exchanged recipe ideas for sneaking vegetables past your kids. She recommended to the group to buy frozen vegetables that don't have sauces or seasonings. Instead, add those flavors yourself when you're preparing meals at home, in order to better monitor what goes in to every dish. [image: juiceys2.jpg] She also suggested using frozen fruits in your lunch box as an ice pack. It will keep your food cold during the day and be fresh and thawed when you're ready to eat. But she cautioned to check your frozen fruits, too, for added sweeteners. Any of the "-ose" words -- sucrose, dextrose -- can mean extra sugar in your diet that you don't need. The idea of drinking a glass of water before a meal was brought up, and Marchetti confirmed that it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to signal you that you're full. Eating slowly also helps you gauge when you're really done with the meal. She also warned that eating too many sweets constantly assaults your brain with a sugar rush and can build an addiction to that taste. You can retrain your body to eat less sweet foods, even if at first consuming less sugary meals seems bland to you. Eventually you will stop thinking it tastes bad. For an individual nutrition consultation, call 307-688-1731. Some insurance carriers cover nutrition counseling with a physician referral. #county17 #news