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(Casper, Wyo.) The 2016 Geography Bee took place in Casper yesterday. It's the 28th time local students have competed at a national level in the contest organized by National Geographic. Thousands of schools participate in the Bee, using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. Grades 4 through 8 answer questions (out loud) about archaeology, history, and the arts and sciences, all in relation to geography. This year's first place winner, Degory Day, is from Evanston. He wins $100, a medal, and a book about our national parks, as well as the chance to head to Nationals and win a $50,000 college scholarship. Last year's state champ was Annika Coberly, who was from Upton Middle School. [image: top10Degorypraying.JPG] *Champion Degory Day praying before the final round. * *Feature Photo: Casper Fifth Grader Tyler Kleinja* The championship round question was: "In the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, desert scenes of the fictional planet of Jakku were filmed in a country that borders both Oman and Saudi Arabia. Name this country on the Persian Gulf." * Sixth grader Aiden Coberly of Upton Middle School placed in the top ten this year. The National Championship takes place May 22nd through the 25th in Washington, D.C. Congrats to all who participated and good luck to Degory! Top Ten Finalists: Degory Day, 7th grade, Evanston Middle School Conrad Keevert, 8th grade, Lander Valley Middle School Preston Buehler, 6th grade, Osmond Elementary Christopher Taylor, 7th grade, Lincoln Middle Schoo Madelyn Toner, 8th grade, Lovell Middle School Aidan Coberly, 6th grade, Upton Middle School Christopher Blackburn, 6th grade, Snowy Range Academy Gabriel Daniel, 5th grade, Etna Elementary Megan Eberle, 6th grade, St. Laurence Elementary Will Pelissier, 8th grade, Big Horn Middle School * It's the United Arab Emirates. Did you "peek" and Google it? *Photo h/t Germaine Wagner // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news