Suspect Arrested in Domestic Battery Case

(Gillette, Wyo.) In this afternoon's blotter we reported that Gillette Police were searching for a 44 year old man in response to an aggravated assault case they were investigating Tuesday night. At 8 a.m. this morning, Manuel Ramirez was arrested for aggravated assault, strangulation, felonious restraint, interference with a 911 call, and theft. According to court documents, the arresting officer, who had previous contact with Ramirez's 30 year old girlfriend, barely recognized the woman while taking her statement at Campbell County Hospital. She stated that she had started dating Ramirez six weeks ago while she was still incarcerated. While arguing about various relationship problems, Ramirez allegedly threatened to kill Dawn and harm her family if she tried to leave him, and then held a knife to her head. Ramirez then told his girlfriend he was "just joking," and left the apartment for a short time. When he returned, she refused to drink with him, citing the terms of her probation, which is when she claims he held her down on the bed, choking her. He also allegedly punched her in the head a dozen times. She attempted to escape and call 911 several times, but was reportedly thrown to the ground and had her phone taken away. Ramirez claimed he was part of a cartel, and that he would have her and her family killed if she went to police. She eventually was able to run out of apartment, covered only in a blanket, where she found a neighbor sitting in his car. The neighbor's wife took the woman to the hospital. Ramirez appeared in Circuit Court today, where he was charged with felony strangulation, misdemeanor domestic battery, and misdemeanor false imprisonment. Together it could mean a six year sentence. His bond was set at $15,000 and he was taken to the Campbell County Detention Center. #county17 #news