Dispatch: DUIs; Drug arrests; Mountain lion in Rozet

Here's what happened around Campbell County on Thursday. All calls took place between 6 a.m April 6th and 6 a.m. April 7th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Arrests* *Matthew Adler, 26, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Branden Anderson, 36, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Keegan Bailey, 18, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Bryce Carothers, 22, Gillette*, was stopped at 8 a.m. Wednesday for passing over a double yellow line. Baggies of meth were reportedly found in his wallet after a search. The tags on his plates were allegedly stolen from a vehicle that belonged to a construction company. His probation officer was contacted and requested a search of the man's residence because the suspect's girlfriend was also under probation. Officers made contact with her at their apartment and reportedly saw her trying to conceal 2 grams of suspected Spice and a pipe. She was left with probation and parole. Carothers was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and cited for driving under suspension, not having car insurance, passing in a no-pass zone, theft, and having altered plates. *Shannon Dow Block, 40, Gillette*, was stopped for going 40 in a 30 mph zone. She was arrested for DUI and cited with speeding. A breath test revealed a .20 blood alcohol level. *Adam Elsasser, 35, Gillette*, sentenced prisoner. *Stephanie Flores-Pena, 32, GIllette*, was arrested for DUI after traveling down Lakeway Road with no headlights on. A breath test revealed a blood alcohol level of .116. She was also cited for not having a driver's license. *Jessica Gammel, 33, Gillette*, was not at home when officers knocked on her door early Thursday morning. She had reportedly made some unusual statements and officers were conducting a welfare check. She was stopped on Skyline Drive, after driving down the turn lane. She admitted to drinking and was arrested for DUI. A breath test revealed a .088 blood alcohol level. *Zakkery Higginbotham, 26, Gillette*, was placed on an arrest and hold order at Adult Probation after several undisclosed violations. He was arrested and taken to detention. *Tandie Hooks, 29, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Reed Maser, 20, Gillette*, was stopped in a car with expired tags. He admitted to smoking pot three hours prior to driving. He was also allegedly in possession of 4.3 grams of suspected marijuana. He agreed to perform a field sobriety test and was arrested after performing poorly. He was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance. *Jason Peterson, 44, Gillette*, was arrested for probation violation. *Denise Pullins, 57, Hulett*, was arrested for a warrant. *Daniel Riggs, 38, Newcastle*, arrested for a warrant. *Waylon Thomas, 29, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Levi Wazelle, 25, Rozet*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Calls* *Animal Problem* 11:25 p.m, a man in Rozet reported to the Sheriff's Office that he heard what he believed to be a mountain lion outside his residence. Deputies responded and, other than a deer out in the distance, could not find anything. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department was notified. *Theft* 1:21 p.m. a 14 year old reported that her prescription sunglasses were stolen from the Twin Spruce Junior High locker room. *Fraud* 3:35 p.m. a 13 year old boy attempted to buy a PS3 from another person on Facebook. He gave the seller a $200 Amazon gift card for payment, but never received the Playstation. When he attempted to contact the seller again, the Facebook page had been deleted. The boy's mother contacted Amazon and learned that the card had already been used. Police are investigating. *Hit and Run* 7:06 p.m. The manager of Quality Inn reported that a semi truck and trailer ran over a tree near the hotel entrance. Witnesses identified the truck to police. Officers were able to locate the 25 year old driver at a different hotel, who stated that he didn't realize he had hit a tree. He was issued a citation for failing to report damage to the hotel. *Breach of Peace* 8:10 p.m. a 42 year old man reportedly sent profane text messages to a 53 year old man over a disagreement they were having. The 42 year old went to the 53 year old's hotel room in an attempt to fight him. There was no altercation, but the 42 year old was cited for breach of peace. *Assault* 8:19 p.m. a mother reported that her 13 year old son was assaulted by another 13 year old at the park. He was allegedly slapped on the head, kicked, and had sticks thrown at him. The other teenager claims he may have accidentally kicked the boy during tag. *Narcotics* 11:59 p.m. a 16 year old and a 21 year old man were sitting in a car parked on the side of 4-J road. The 21 year old had a suspended license and 11.7 grams of marijuana edibles and approximately 1 gram of marijuana were allegedly found in the car. The 21 year old admitted that the pot was his, and he was issued a citation for possession and driving without a license. The 16 year old was turned over to her parents. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton and, Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news