Recycling Program Will Have To Change To Continue

(Gillette, Wyo.) "There's not much that's going to be the same," said Mayor Louise Carter-King during a press conference this morning to address the state of the city. One of the most prevalent questions on everyone's minds, after concerns about more layoffs, is what exactly will the city and county cut from their budgets in the upcoming year. Recycling is an expensive but popular program, one that the Mayor says everyone believes is important. The process is going to be changing, though how much has yet to be decided. Keeping recyclables out of the landfill is the optimum goal, and the city and county are working towards keeping that goal. "It probably won't be in the same fashion the citizens are used to," said Mayor Carter-King. "But we are all serving the same citizens, and we want to do that as cost effectively as possible." "Truly, I don't believe that we're going to be the same, even from a budgetary standpoint," added City Administrator Carter Napier. "It's hard to imagine this type of job loss and this type of impact to our community economically isn't going to further impact our sales tax revenues and other revenues we depend upon to function." The recycling program leads to about $150,000 in losses in the budget every year from the city's end. The county loses over twice that, almost $400,000 a year. "From a programmatic standpoint, it's hard to look at a program that leads with losses like that and not critically evaluate it," said Napier. *Photo h/t Gerd Altmann // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news