Rita's Rebels Are Working Towards a Cancer-Free Campbell County

(Gillette, Wyo.) Rita Piper got involved with Relay for Life about 19 years ago, after the death of her father. Eventually she worked so long with the organization that she ended up Co-Chair of foundation in Campbell County. Some years back she formed her own team: Rita's Rebels. The team has already surpassed their $20,000 fundraising goal this year for the Relay. They do a tremendous amount of work raising money for the American Cancer Society in creative ways, more than just taking money for the walk -- which is happening this year on Friday, June 17th. "A lot of the things we do we have fun doing," she told County 17. "I'm getting older and my kids are grown, and it's something to do." This weekend the Cam-Plex hosts the largest indoor garage sale in the state, and Rita's Rebels are gathering items for their booth. All donated items will be sold to raise money for Relay for Life, and they're collecting for it through tomorrow night. The team has also taken in hand-designed brassieres for their "Bachelors and Bras" event, happening at Boot Hill on May 6th. You can bid on bachelors, boxers, and bras like this Denver Broncos number: [image: IMG_1255.JPG] Piper admits that fundraising right now might be tough, given the state of the economy in Campbell County. Sales are down on their May Day basket drive, by far their most successful drive. Last year they raised over $10,000 through the sales of $6 baskets. "The count right now is down," she said. "But Gillette is a last-minute community, so I don't know what will happen. I just tell my team we just have to do it anyway and do the best we can." [image: IMG_0712.JPG] If you'd like to make a donation for the garage sale, you can contact Rita at 307-682-9857. You also have until next Friday to order a May Day basket, which will be delivered May 2nd. Rita's Rebels have a page on the Relay for Life website , where you can donate directly to the team. So far there are 15 teams entered for this year's walk. #county17 #news