Results Are In From Campbell County Dems

(Gillette, Wyo.) There was a lot of shouting back and forth today in the Wyoming Room. The Democratic caucus started promptly at 11 a.m. and according to county chair Lisa Finkey, it was the biggest turnout she's ever seen, surpassing the 2008 primary caucus. Hillary Clinton's supporters spoke up in favor of the former Secretary of State's proven track record. They expressed concerns with the other registered Democrats in the room that Hillary is the only true Democrat running for the party. Voters stated that she is a dedicated leader who has already represented the United States all over the world. Bernie Sanders supporters outnumbered the Clinton side of the room nearly 2 to 1. They expressed concern for working Wyomingites, including coal miners. Sanders supporter Dylan Czarnecki nominated Sanders and then spoke out about hourly wage earners in Wyoming and how he believes his candidate will stand for them. After the final ballot count, it was determined that Campbell County will send 6 delegates to the state convention for Hillary Clinton, and 12 for Bernie Sanders. A total vote count was not immediately available. There were only two undecided voters present, and no supporters for California businessman Rocky de la Fuente spoke up, though he did file a letter with the county chair declaring his candidacy in Wyoming. The state convention takes place in Cheyenne on May 28th. Statewide results will be posted as they're received. #county17 #news