This Is Your Home: Let's Get Wyoming Trending!

(Gillette, Wyo.) Campbell County, the City of Gillette, and Pitchengine are teaming up for an experiment. Earlier this month at the Government in Social Media Conference, nearly 400 community leaders gathered in Reno to discuss how to make government more open through the use of the internet. At the end, the idea of holding next year's conference somewhere other than Nevada was put forth. The county and city have launched the hashtag #GSMcon2017 to try and drum up support on social media for bringing the national gathering here. But more than that, we want to bring new business to all of Northeast Wyoming. It's part of the reason the "Tri-City" -- Sheridan, Buffalo, and Gillette -- business alliance exists: to use the population and resources in this corner of the state to attract companies that might not even know we're here. We're an internet company, we know that on average over 85% of you are reading our news streams on your phone. Our communities are highly skilled and social media savvy. In the past few weeks, many of you have brought up the idea of a letter writing campaign to national political representatives to get Wyoming Coal noticed. But you have a bigger voice right at your fingertips. And it's time to start using it. Let's start talking about our cities, and why they're great. Let's go beyond #wyostrong and get Northeast Wyoming trending. Post on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and tag it with your city: #gillettewy #sheridanwy #buffalowy. Let's use social media to show everyone who has a misconception of Wyoming what we're really like. And when you've said your piece, make sure to "@" tag us: @county17news, @dallywyo (County 17 and Sheridan Dally) so we can see it, too. We will be looking for the people have have great ideas and aren't afraid to show what their community has to offer. #county17 #dally #news