The Making of Firewatch: How a small team of artists recreated Wyoming digitally

(Wyoming) The Game Developers Conference took place last month in San Francisco, and Campo Santo was there giving presentations on how they made the hit game Firewatch , set in the Shoshone National Forest. Jane Ng's "Making the World of Firewatch " has been put online from the GDC in its entirety. In the hour long presentation, Ng revealed that going in to the project, they knew it would be difficult drawing a first person game that utilizes such a detailed natural setting as Wyoming. Campo Santo did it with a ten person crew, which is quite small. And they did it in a year. For other companies, this would have been impossible. Firewatch is unique because the game's environment is a character, so Ng's solo 3D work on the project meant every single tree was important. The forest had to feel real, like you were actually living in someone's vacation photos of Shoshone from the Eighties. And the game couldn't lag while you were running through fields, rappelling down cliff faces, and wading through streams. The group had to come up with a way for each designer to create and change art for a single setting at the same time. You don't really "Level Up" in Firewatch, so you can't easily divide the workload by sections of the game's world. It meant inventing a whole new way to design a video game. You can watch more videos from the game conference at . #county17 #news