Town of Wright finishes one project, starts another

(Wright, Wyo.) The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Wright Community Center was a success today. The project is actually a remodel of old Wright Town Hall, which hasn't been in use for over a year. Old administrative offices have become an events center for the Silver Sage Senior Center, who's already hosted a fundraiser -- Bubbly, Brew, & Booze two weekends ago. The remodel includes a full commercial kitchen that is accessible to caterers for bigger events. [image: Commercial Kitchen.jpg] The auditorium is designed to be divided in to three sections to host multiple events at once. The school's drama club uses stage for practices, but there was an additional demand for meeting space in the town. It took two years to secure the funding needed to complete, but once construction started last autumn, the entire project was finished under budget. Last week the State Loan and Investment Board granted $190,000 to the town of Wright to improve the Southern Campbell County Agriculture Complex. The town discovered very quickly when they opened the Ag Complex last summer that they could only host day events, because of a lack of overnight camping with horse stalls. During their first sixth months in operation, they had 18 events, all of them only one day long. The $190,000 grant, along with a $147,000 match from the town of Wright and $43,000 in private donations will help add RV camp sites and 20 permanent horse stalls. That will fill a gap in the need for visitors who do not want to camp away from their animals or with their horse trailers attached to their living quarters, which is currently the arrangement at Sagebluff RV Park down the road. [image: Wright American Open 120.jpg] "This project was an opportunity to bring people in to town and keep them in town longer," said Wright's Economic Development Coordinator Brandi Harlow. "We want to attract outside dollars in to our community." More activity at the Ag Complex means money staying in Southern Campbell County. Small businesses like restaurants, hotels, and stores seeing increased sales could also mean eventually adding more service sector jobs and even adding new businesses. According to Harlow, the Cam-Plex has been very supportive of this expansion, working with the town extensively. The smaller, regional events are perfect-sized for Wright's complex, whereas the Cam-Plex is designed for much bigger needs. The town is hoping these developments in Southern Campbell County will help the community move away from an economy dependent on the energy industry. *Feature Photo: (Left to Right) Cindy Arndt, Silver Sage Senior Center; Councilwoman Lori Gilbertson; Campbell County School District Board Member Deb Hepp; Mayor Ralph Kingan; Councilman Nelson Litaba * #county17 #news