Dispatch: Woman walking in traffic; Hit and run; Destruction of property

Here's the report from law enforcement from Thursday. All calls took place between 6 a.m April 14th and 6 a.m. April 15th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Arrests* *Casey Alexander, 29, Gillette*, sentenced prisoner. *Zacchary Anderson, 22, Gillette*, warrant. *Athena Brill, 38, Gillette*, warrant. *Albert Cheatham, 45, Gillette*, warrant. *Bruce Duggins, 36, Gillette*, warrant. *Omar Estrada-Resendiz, 32, Gillette*, warrant. *William Sciolino, 26, Casper*, warrant. *Waylon Thomas, 30, Gillette*, warrant, probation violation. *Travis Wiswell, 39, Gillette*, bond revocation. *Calls* *Suspicious Activity* 7:15 a.m. Photocopies of paperwork related to a sexual abuse case were left throughout the College Park area. The papers were collected by Gillette police as it is an ongoing case. At 2:52 p.m. in the Fox Ridge Avenue area, the Sheriff's Office received a call about the same thing. Deputies collected the papers from around the neighborhood to returned them to GPD. *Hit and Run* 9:19 a.m. an off duty officer observed a 40 year old woman in a Tahoe collide with a parked Buick and then attempt to leave the area. She was cited for hit and run. *Theft of Services* 11:57 a.m. a 57 year old man reported that a woman had dumped grass clippings in his dumpster. The woman has not been located. *Theft* 1:19 p.m. a 17 year old had reported his cell phone charger had been stolen from South Campus High School. 3:27 p.m. a 30 year old woman reported that $461 had been taken from her purse in the break room at the Motel 6. *Citizen Assist* 4:41 p.m. a 72 year old woman was reportedly walking along Echeta Road, out in to traffic, to solicit drivers for a drink and a cigarette. Her daughter, who is her caretaker, was contacted, and the woman was advised to stay out of traffic. *Threats* 4:59 p.m. a 32 year old woman reported her father for threatening her in February. He allegedly tried to run her off the road on Thursday, which is why she waited to file a report. She's requested he be issued a trespass warning. *Fraud* 5:22 p.m. a 48 year old man reported that someone in Rockford Illinois used his debit card at Toys R Us and spent $122. *Destruction of Property* 6:43 p.m. an 18 year old reported that his 37 year old neighbor punched out the window of his car after he had made some unkind comments about the man's family. The neighbor has agreed to replace the window. There were no citations. *Criminal Trespassing* 8 p.m. a 50 year old land owner requested his 33 year old daughter and a 38 year old man be trespassed from his property on Emerson Avenue. *EMS Assist* 8:55 p.m. Sheriff's deputies helped a 15 year old boy that was having a seizure and had fallen. He was reportedly bleeding from his mouth. EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital. *Domestic Violence* 3:04 a.m. a 37 year old man reported that his ex-girlfriend assaulted him at the Budget Inn after her current boyfriend left the room. He claimed he was missing property after the assault. Police were not able to substantiate his report, but hotel staff are looking on the roof of the building, as that's where he believes his property ended up. *All information provided by GPD Sgt. Greg Brothers, and Campbell County Lt. Kevin Theis.* #county17 #news