Felony Child Abuse Charges In Neglect Investigation

(Gillette, Wyo.) On March 19th, doctors at Campbell County Hospital called Gillette Police after a four year old was brought in with bruising to 25% of her body, across her feet, arms, sides and knees. She was also dehydrated and appeared to be suffering from malnutrition. The child has limited visitation days with her mother and was brought in to the emergency room by her babysitter after she reportedly looked frail and small, and could barely stand due to ankle pain. When interviewed, the child's mother states that she hadn't been allowed to see her daughter for over a month because the father, Dale Roberts, 39, and his girlfriend, Dee Jurisch, are the ones who decide when she can see her. After reporting that "Daddy spanks her" and "Momma Dee drags her," CCH and GPD admitted the child to the pediatric ward under the supervision of the Department of Family Services. Doctors suspect the four year old's injuries are from malnutrition, rather than physical abuse. She was at the bottom of the charts for height and weight in a child her size. If she had been allowed to stay in her father's care, states the report, she would have most likely died within the month. Since being admitted she has gained 6 pounds, which puts her back in the range of a healthy weight. Some of the abuse outlined in DFS interviews with the child include being forced to take cold showers for no reason, sleeping in the hallway, and having to watch as everyone else eats. Roberts and Jurisch both report that the child was receiving adequate nutrition while in their care. The couple has another three and a half year old child together. They have each been charged with felony child abuse, which if convicted could bring a sentence of 10 years and/or a $10,000 fine. #county17 #news