Suspects Shoplift $10,000 In Merchandise From Wall Drug

(Wall, S.D.) - The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the theft of jewelry stolen at Wall Drug last week. The crime spree initially began on Wednesday, April 13th, when store employees first determined that jewelry was missing. Two days later, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the suspects returned. Having been alerted to their presence from the first encounter, an employee recognized that they were back. The suspects were confronted by management but then fled the area before they could be apprehended. Deputies recovered a purse left behind and received information concerning the license plate of the getaway vehicle. The stolen merchandise has been valued at nearly $10,000, not the $30,000 that has been reported by others. A list of suspects has been identified based on video surveillance taken at this well-known tourist stop in Wall, South Dakota. The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information to call Sgt. Dan Wardle at 605-394-6115. *Photo h/t Marada //