Vote on some of Wyoming's most important history!

(Wyoming) The Wyoming State Historical Society, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries, and in celebration of 125 years of Wyoming statehood, launched the "Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts" program in 2015. Its purpose, they say, is to provide recognition to the cultural institutions throughout Wyoming that preserve and provide access to collections that "enhance our enjoyment and understanding of Wyoming’s heritage and provide ongoing learning and research opportunities." Among this year's list of artifacts is the original indictment written against Harry Longabaugh in Crook County. In 1887, Longabaugh stole a gun, horse and saddle from a ranch in Sundance. He was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail by Judge William L. Maginnis, and it's during this time he received his nickname, the Sundance Kid. [image: kid stealing horse warrant.jpg] See the full list of nominations—and learn an incredible fact or two about our great state—here , or participate in the public vote here . #county17 #news