County Approves New Carbon Plant East of Cam-Plex

(Gillette, Wyo.) After purchasing a 247 acre parcel of land in 2013, Campbell County was left wondering what exactly to do with it. They weren't interested in vying for market space with private businesses, but rather, diversifying the economy in Northeast Wyoming through creating new trade. "The goal of that property is to bring in a 'game changing' business," Commissioner Mark Christensen said at today's public board meeting. "We don't want to compete with existing businesses. This is the beginning of that process and that project." The beginning is approving the option for REX Carbon to possibly purchase the property in Pronghorn Industrial Park for an activated carbon plant. The motion, which was submitted by Commissioner Micky Shober and seconded by Christensen, passed the board this morning. It will allow for REX Carbon to seek an air quality permit with the DEQ, and the project to begin moving forward. REX Carbon, LLC is in the business of making activated carbon, or activated charcoal. Their process would involve hiring hundreds of workers in several phases, and eventually produce 45,000 tons of activated carbon a year in Campbell County. If everything goes to plan, the plant would be up and running in a little under two years. "We don't want to just ship out raw resources, we want to refine them and bring jobs to the community by producing a finished product," added Commissioner Christensen. "When we purchased the land it was to bring large industrial businesses to Campbell County that would diversify our economy and hopefully use coal, oil, gas or other local natural resources as their raw material," Commissioner Micky Shober said in a prepared statement. "It is exciting to finally realize all the work we have put into economic development over the years is beginning to pay off." First, Energy Capitol Economic Development will have to gain a $4.5 million grant from the Wyoming Business Council, to build the infrastructure needed to support the new business, which would develop fifty acres of the county-owned land. A grant would pay for the roads, power, water and whatever else is necessary to support the plant and other industries that will occupy the industrial and business park in the future. *Feature Photo: The area where Boxelder Road stops east of the Cam-Plex. The new Gillette College Rodeo facility is being built at the crest of the hill; the carbon plant is being proposed just east of that.* #county17 #news #bootstrapped