Campbell County Health staff scores highly in safety survey

(Wyoming) "Hospital Safety Score ," a service of The Leapfrog Group, released grades today for Wyoming's local hospitals, and it was straight C's across the board for everyone, including Campbell County Health. But the overall grade can be misleading, as most of the areas where Gillette's hospital needs improvement are not mainly about patient care. A closer inspection of CCH's individual rates and rankings shows above average scores for things like staff leadership, responsiveness, and hygiene. They scored better than average in communication about patient's medications, and helping discharged patients get the care they need after they leave the facility. CCH also set the high score for most effort to track and reduce risks to patients, meaning they took the most care out of all the hospitals scored to keep a record of past errors, and endeavor to prevent those mistakes from ever happening again. They also set the high score for a staff that works together to prevent errors. Where their scores dipped below average were in categories like "having enough qualified nurses " (CCH currently has multiple staff openings.) The report did not include scores for an entire category, which could also have negatively impacted their overall grade. A full report card is available here . #county17 #news